5 Dog Breeds Ideal For Outdoor Adventures

Shaggy or smooth, playful or protective, rebellious or royal; our four legged friends have been much loved companions for centuries.  But just like a carefully chosen friend, dogs should be selected to suit the family they are adopted into.  So if you are an outdoor junkie looking for the perfect breed to accompany your adventures; before you mix your Pomeranian with your Pointer, we have selected 5 incredible dogs that we feel fit the bill.     

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the Western world known for their good nature and willingness to work hard.  Initially bred to help fisherman haul nets and retrieve fish they are happiest with a task that keeps them mentally and physically active.  Their good nature makes them a brilliant family member and their eagerness to please means they are easy to train.  Labrador Retrievers love water and will often dive into rivers and lakes to fetch a stick or enjoy a swim, making them the perfect breed for fans of water sports.  These dogs are playful, loyal and love being in the outdoors.  If you have the boundless energy to match, they make incredible companions for all your adventures.

Border Collie

Border Collies are one of the most intelligent species on this planet.  Originally bred to herd livestock they are working dogs that make loyal and obedient companions best suited to people who love being outdoors most of the time!  They have an athletic physique and endless energy that requires channeling both physically and mentally.  If you love going on long hikes or trail runs, the Border Collie will match your stride for miles on end but be careful on bike tracks as their playful nature and herding instinct makes them prone to chasing moving vehicles - something that can be tamed with the right training. 


Siberian Husky

The regal Husky originates from Eastern Siberia and was originally bred to pull sledges for the native Chukchi.  They are athletic, independent dogs whose exercise requirements should not be underestimated.  They make incredible companions for long hikes and trail runs and their protective instinct would keep you safe on any wild camping trip.  Huskies are playful and friendly but also have a naughty streak, which makes them prone to household destruction if not given sufficient exercise or entertainment.  It is also worth noting the Husky’s high prey drive, which means you may have to keep them on a lead more than other breeds especially around livestock.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain-Dog is a beautiful breed most noted for its distinctive tri-coloured coat.  Hailing back to Switzerland where they were used to herd cattle through the Alps, Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs with gentle natures that can make the perfect pet for an outdoor loving family.  They are loyal and intelligent, which means once trained they will stick close to you without needing a lead.  Preferring bursts of speed rather than endurance, these dogs would suit family hikes and bike rides and because they have historically been used to pull carts on farms, they will also enjoy carrying a small pack for you so lunch is on the dog – quite literally!

Australian Shepherd Dog

With great people skills and a protective nature the Australian Shepherd Dog makes a wonderful addition to an active household.  In particular its agility on steep, rocky terrain makes it perfect for high-octane mountain adventures.  Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd Dog originates from the Basque region of Spain where they were used as working dogs for shepherds.   They have a calm, even disposition but do get easily bored and need to be well trained to avoid them becoming unruly and boisterous.  As with any herding dog, they are high energy and obedient but be careful of that herding nature, which can sometimes extend too children, cats and other pets if left unchecked!

This is just the beginning of an extensive list of dog breeds that can suit your passion for the outdoors and your quest for adventure.  We recommend that you research each one extensively before making a decision and when making that final purchase, ensure they come from certified breeders who care for the welfare of their animals.  Please feel free to write in if you love sharing adventures with your four-legged friend and we’d love to see your pictures too.