5 Steps to Creating a Winning Mindset

5 steps to creating a winning mindset

From the hiking trail to the boardroom, one thing we’ve learned from the ACAI girl is that success is as much how you think as what you do. Whilst we’re taught to judge our successes on what we can do and what we put in – mindset plays a crucial role in achieving your goals.

Some of the best work we’ve read on the minds impact on winning comes from a Stamford psychologist, Carol Dweck. Her research has shown that the best predictor of success in life is your mindset – and not only that, it’s much more of a factor than anyone has ever thought. 

So, if you’ve got your eyes and heart set on climbing to new heights (both literally and figuratively!) here’s a distillation of the process Carol suggests –

  1. Define your goals and vision. There’s a clichéd saying that if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll never know when you get there. The thing is – it’s true. If you’re serious about achieving more, you need to have a clear vision of what that success looks like. So whether you want to scrapbook your future accomplishments, mind-map the milestones on the way, or just write yourself a cheque for $10 million dollars to carry in your pocket – get specific and help your mind to focus on what it is that you want.



  1. Create Your Masterplan. Once you know where you’re heading, it’s time to get strategic. Create a plan that starts today and which sets out the steps you’ll take to achieve your goals. The format doesn’t matter as much as the fact you are creating a real plan you can follow – the main benefit is that you’ll find it easier to keep your goals front and centre. That way your motivation stays high, and distractions are easier to nimbly skip past!


  1. Believe in yourself every day. Think of your mindset as something that’s there to be trained just like any other muscle. Create and stick to a training regime which tells your “inner you” that you BELIEVE that you CAN get there. Whether you’re chasing Boardroom success, A-list celeb status or Olympic stardom, visualising success and positive affirmation of your worth, ability and motivation are huge factors in achieving dizzying new career and personal heights.  
  1. Choose a growth mindset. People approach mindset in two ways – there are those that say “I can’t do that” and those who say “I can’t do that yet”. It’s a subtle difference, but one that’s HUGE in terms of personal development and growth. If you’re anything other than 100% certain you have a growth mindset – take a look at this video [link to Carol video] by Carol Dweck. How you view your current and future you will make or break your success – in fact, the word YET is probably the most important thing to take away from this article!
  1. Act on it. Ok, so just like that hill that’s not going to climb itself – the best laid plans aren’t going to come to fruition without action from you. So look for opportunities to put your plan into action, set reminders to visualise and affirm your goals, and check progress against your masterplan and revise it as you learn new things about you and your goals. Whether muscle or mind – growth comes from practice and repetition. So find ways to bring your mindset to life every single day.

Whether it’s Carol’s work at Stamford, spending time with Team GB athletes, or even just hearing success stories form our own #ACAIGirls – the one common thread is mindset. If you’re serious about tackling your next mountain – whether that in the boardroom, your family or literally the outdoors – take the time to work on how you see both the world around you and the “future you”. It’s not just fluffy thinking, it’s science!