7 Must Have Items for Commuting

We all want the best of both worlds when it comes to clothing, especially gear that we live in. We all expect sportswear to be high performing, breathable and super functional but don’t you think we should expect that from our every day wear also? When you think about how many steps you take, the activities you do in your everyday routine, you will be surprised just how active your life is and that is before you go to the gym, for a run or a hill walk. Having said that, we are not prepared to compromise on style and this is where the challenge begins.

We are so passionate about creating gear for the active woman on-the-go. We are on a mission to meet your needs and provide clothing that will bring you comfort and style on your commute to work and straight to the gym without having to think about what to pack in your bag in the morning when you are rushing to get ready. You don’t need to pack a mini suitcase in order to get through the day in style. You can get to the gym, go to work and meet a friend for dinner without having to pack much at all.

Here is an inspiration for some must have commuting items, which will allow you to be comfortable, stylish and smart throughout the day.

  1. Skinny Outdoor Trousers

Designed specifically for the active woman on-the-go, these mimic the look of skinny jeans while being water resistant, lightweight and extremely breathable. If you are running around town like a headless chicken it can get a little sweaty in a pair of jeans. ACAI Skinny Outdoor Trousers are made with really lightweight material that lets the air through so you will never feel sweaty in these! With the added bonus of water repellency feature, these are a clear winner over your standard jeans. They look super stylish too!



  1. Thermal Hoodie

Extended back and reflective detail in the cords along with hi tech sweat wicking fabric makes this number ideal for urban cycling and more. This hoodie will keep you warm in lower temperatures without sweating! This number is as good for an outdoor run as it is for throwing over post work out or to keep cozy and comfortable on the tube.


  1. Superfood Vest

Always take your good mood with you! This super lighthearted vest will put a smile on your face in the morning. Perfect for throwing over your sports bra for the journey to work after a workout.

  1. Water Bottle

Make sure you have access to water at all times and pretty bottle makes it that much easier! Invest in a good quality bottle and make sure it's BPA Free. Fix a permanent home in your bag for your bottle so you don't have to make a rushed last minute visit to a local shop when you are desperate!

  1. Phone

Can anyone survive without a mobile phone these days?

  1. Headphones

Whether you are sitting on the tube or a bus there is nothing better than switching off before a days work and listening to your favourite tunes. 

  1. Acai Berry Crop Top

A crop top that will perform in the gym and look super smart outside of the gym is a total must have! Swap a sweatshirt for a blazer or a shirt over the top for a smart look. The hidden zipped pockets on either side make it that much more practical so you can keep spare change, keys or any other small valuables close to your chest (quite literally!).


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