Acai Berry Energy Balls

Acai Berry Energy Balls

Do you find yourself steering for comfort food during winter months? We all do it! Naturally, we have less energy due to shorter days and less natural light and this is why we should be paying extra attention to our nutrition. As you all know, we are massive fans of the acai berry and its immense nutritional values so we have prepared a very special recipe for acai berry energy balls just for you.

With prep time of just 10 minutes you have no excuses to resort to ‘quick fixes’ in the form of commercial chocolate or sweets. These work perfectly as a treat, energy boost on a mountain hike or a simple pick me up on a Monday afternoon. Remember though, this is not a miracle treat and the ‘everything in moderation’ rule applies! J

Serves 12
Prep time: 10 minutes


8 pitted Medjool dates
100g Almond Powder
1 tbsp acai berry powder
2 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp cacao powder + extra 4 tbsp for dipping in once finished
1 tsp coconut oil 



Bring a kettle of water to the boil and then pour enough water over the dates to fully immerse them. Leave it to sit and soften for 5 minutes. 

When the dates have had their bath, thoroughly drain them in a sieve and blend using a handheld food processor adding 2 tablespoons of water (you can use the soaking water if you prefer). Tip the pureed dates into a bowl and add the remaining ingredients (leaving 4 tbsp worth of cocoa powder).  

Mix the ingredients until they become a stiff gloop. Using wet hands, roll the mixture into 12 golf ball-sized rounds.