How to Adapt to and Overcome Your Fitness Challenges

Several challenges often arise on the journey to attaining your ultimate fitness goals especially for the active women on the go. Some of these challenges often include low morale, injuries, lack of interest, strength, self-consciousness, complacence, indiscipline, time, work or even family.

Whatever the case is, as an active woman, if you are determined, there are several ways to put your barriers behind you. We’d take several challenges often faced and give suggestions on how to go around them as explained below: -

1. Time: A common issue for most women willing to work out is how to find a space in their schedule to fit their exercises into. The truth however is, there is never time for anything. To break this barrier, try these;

  • Look for spaces in your schedule – Study your routine for a week and loom for a 30-minute window where you can fit in your workout without having to risk too much. Alternatively, you can try to get up earlier before the day even starts and have a go.
  • Incorporate exercises into your routine – Try other flexible and everyday exercises more often. This can include walking more often, using the staircase rather the elevator, ride a bike or park further away from your destination. 
2. Low Morale and Motivation: Kick-starting a workout to achieve fitness goals can be done at the beginning but it surely gets better with time. A few things can however be done to encourage yourself and get your guns blazing.
    • Join a group – A good way to boost your morale is to join a fitness class. These are excellent places to find motivation and encourage continued participation. Socializing can quickly make working out something you look forward to more often.
    • Choose enjoyable activities – If you already have a particular activity you enjoy, you could as well stick by it as you will most likely stay interested.
    • Vary workout routines – Even for pros, monotony can be tiring. A good way to keep interest is to vary workout routines and mix it up; this will even allow better all-round improvements and work a variety of muscle instead of focusing on one.
    3. Strength: Some women tend to feel tired especially after a long hectic day at work. Others are naturally not too strong and this can be a limiting factor in practicing and exercising. One can try;
    • Working out in the morning – Try taking on an exercise fresh out of bed before you get into the daily hustle and bustle and use the morning energy and freshness to achieve your workout goals. Also try less tasking exercises such as Yoga which also helps mental health.
    • Eat better foods – For women who are naturally weak, a great way to complete workout targets is to eat better and healthy foods. Pre-workout meals rich in carbohydrates should be consumed as they will help produce extra energy that the body can burn off as fuel and glucose for exercises.
    • Schedule for when you feel energised – As one cannot be weak every time in a day, it is essential to pack some workout kits handy so whenever you feel up to it, you can quickly take advantage of the moment and indulge yourself in an exercise.
    4. Indiscipline or Complacence: This is just a subtler way to call you unserious, lazy or just unconcerned about your health. To defeat these, try;
      • Scheduling – Make a schedule and stick to it. Have your workout planned in your calendar as an appointment and make time for it while day-dreaming about the numerous benefits and the body you’ll have once your goals are achieved.
      • Positive benefits – Also, consider the workout as a compulsory treatment to stay healthy. Give yourself the perception that you are training to attain ultimate fitness, longer life in better health and simply remember how much you hate hospitals, needles and stuff.

      5. Injury: Yea we all know once bitten...twice shy! But dwelling on an injury you have had or just thinking about the one you could have will forever be a mental stumbling block that guarantees that you achieve nothing. Instead, try;
        • Pick the ideal exercise – Choose the ideal exercise for your age, level and body. Do not be overambitious and also partake in exercises involving the least tendencies of sustaining injuries.
        • Learn how to warm up and cool down before workouts. Active women do this!
        6. Self-consciousness: Quite a number of women are very aware and uncomfortable with how they look or fear being judged by others and as such do not try gyms and public spaces. If that is the case with you, you could;
          • Workout from home – Try to go solo; you can have your workout in your private area where you feel comfortable, as long as you are sure you won’t be complacent and overindulge yourself as this takes a lot of discipline. 

          The Takeaway

          There you go! It's quite understandable if you are having difficulties reaching your fitness, lifestyle and career goals. It is very normal to fail, with time, you will overcome the challenges. Ultimately, it would be part of your success story. Be a girlboss. Aim! Aspire! Achieve!

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