Day in the life of our Team GB Athlete Karen Bennett

We have spent quite a bit of time with the Team GB athletes recently and are in awe of their dedication and commitment.  If anyone fits our Aspire, Aim, Achieve ethos than it’s these girls.

We thought we would take the opportunity to ask Karen Bennett about their training regime to find out what it really takes to be a part of Team GB. 


My alarm goes off. Depending on what training we’ve had the day before I may need to exercise the snooze button once or twice. 

I have my first breakfast of porridge and a latte and I’m fuelled for the first session. I sort out what kit I need for the day and get on my way to the Redgrave Pinsent Rowing lake to go training. 

I get into the gym at 


I get into the gym and limber up for the first row of the day. During this our chief coach Paul Thompson briefs us on the days training and tells us exactly how he would like it done and off we go for our first session. This is normally a long steady row, getting the heart rate up and working on our technique. 

We then get in for second breakfast where we need to recover from first session and get fuelled for the next one so its ok to fill our boots more. My favourite is 3 poached eggs with a bagel. 

10am Second Session 

Second session will be a bit more intense or maybe just another long one depending on what the programme says and so we get to lunch a lot more tired. 

1.30pm Lunch

Our cook Marcin looks after us well and always has a lovely but healthy lunch waiting for us. 

We have a longer break at lunch and then it’s off to weights. In weights, we get a bit more choice as to what kit we wear and it’s always nice to look good whilst working up a sweat, so I put on my ACAI gear and throw some weights around. My favourite has to be the Acai Berry Compression leggings teamed up with the Acai Berry crop top.


I have a small snack and head home ready to pass out on the sofa in my compression leggings. 

Some days we might only have 2 sessions but that’ll be on the really intense days. It makes us a zombie most evenings, but it’s a very rewarding feeling. We get a day off once every few weeks and this is always an opportunity for us to have a normal life, although this normally means catching up washing all my kit.

Karen Bennett, You are our hero!

We are really proud to feature in their wardrobe and couldn’t help but ask Karen, what it is she loves about ACAI Activewear.

“I choose to race at international events and train in ACAI sports bras as I find them comfortable, stretchy and supportive. As well as feeling fashionable in the gym whilst lifting weights I wear ACAI for freedom of movement and security.”