Don't be a clone, have your own aspirations

We know we’re all very different. From the clothes we wear, to the way we speak. Put any two people in a room, give them a pen and a piece of paper, and ask them to draw a picture of themselves, and they’ll both look very different. 

The kind of life that truly reflects who you are isn’t going to be available on a clothes shopping rack. There’s going to be nothing available premade in your size. Try to buy a life for yourself that’s been made by someone else and it… just… won’t… fit… right…

And probably, that’s the way you like it. You like to be unique. You like to be individual. You like to be different.

Our clothes are designed to fit you, whoever you are, whatever you are doing with your life, however different you are. We don’t expect you all to look the same, or be the same, just because you wear our clothes. Our clothes are designed to help you be, in your own personal way, completely you.

When we’re going it alone, on our own unique path, it can feel like we’ve no idea what we’re doing. We’ve gone off the beaten track, and there’s no one left to show us how life, the way we want to do it, is done.

That’s when it’s so tempting to turn back the other way, go back and find the masses, and forget about our own aspirations and dreams for a while.

But what we do, just like how we look, isn’t meant to be the same as everyone else. If it looks to you like you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s a good sign. It means you’re doing something new.

That’s when it’s time to stick to you guns, time to have faith in yourself. Believe. Because being uniquely you isn’t just a luxury - it’s your job. We need you to be absolutely who you are, because what you’ve got to contribute is so amazing, so special, that the world simply can’t do without it.

But how do you know if something that you’re drawn to doing is really the thing for you to do? You feel like you’ve been down the garden path before, only to release you were drawn to someone else’s light, rather than shining your own. So how do you know?

You’ll know by how great you feel. When you’re own your true path in life, it will just feel right. Like the comfiest pair of clothes you’ll ever wear, it will feel good in the morning, it will feel good at night. No matter what anyone else says, or what anyone else does, you won’t want to change it. It’s yours. You made it.

What you do with you life may not be available off the rack, but luckily our clothes are. We’re here to help you do all the unique things you’re here to do. So that’s one less thing to think about on your journey of being amazingly you!