Embrace Your Achievements, even the small ones

What is your achievement of the day?

You may not notice, but each day there is something that you have accomplished, whether it’s a small, seemingly unimportant matter or something quite big.

It is really important to recognize the small achievements that get you through the day and onto the next one. It is the small achievements that enable you to take one step forward towards your ultimate goal. Sometimes it may seem like a very long journey but taking small steps in the right direction creates sustainable and long term success.

How does it feel when you have managed to beat your PB? It certainly is a reason to put a smile on your face and to make your day! Training for a marathon can be so daunting and when you think about the end goal, you may doubt whether you can actually do it. But if you break it down into sections and think as far as the next step, this will not only make it more enjoyable but it will also give you an opportunity for more frequent celebrations! Think where you want to be in a couple of weeks. It may not be at the Marathon level if you have never done it before but I am pretty damn sure it will be at least one or two steps closer towards the end goal.

This example translates to pretty much anything, for instance the number of pull ups you want to be able to do, the weight you want to be able to lift, them mountain you want to climb or even the job you want to progress to.

When you recognize each small step as an accomplishment, every time you get there you get such an overwhelming sense of happiness! It’s the pride, a sense of self-belief, and an opportunity to finish the day with a glass of wine without feeling guilty. You deserve it after all! You are celebrating! And the amazing thing is you don’t have to wait months for that moment of when you finish the cross line at the Marathon to celebrate! You can enjoy the ride, and enjoy the preparations as much as the actual event. This is a particularly good advise for the impatient ones… :)


If you have a tendency to being a little hard on yourself, think about your day’s work, and just how much forward you have moved and helped others move in that one day. Each day you make it to work, you undertake your daily tasks, you go to the gym, go for a run, you look after your kids, make sure your kid’s homework is done, buy birthday presents for your kid’s friends and so on. Each task is a massive step, which is underestimated by so many of us. All of these accomplishments certainly deserve recognition. If you didn’t do it, then nobody would and this would have a knock on effect on other things and people. This is exactly why you should be proud of yourself and you should recognize it as an achievement of the day, week, month etc. and at Christmas time you can open your book and you will be amazed with just how much you have accomplished and how many people’s lives you made easier and how many others you have helped.

This is why you are amazing. You are creating your very own unique legacy.

Now, get yourself a really pretty note book where each day can be filled with your amazing achievements. Call this book ‘A little Book of Happiness’. When you are ready, share it!


With love, Kasia B xx