Family Adventure Ideas for Christmas Day

The team here at ACAI is addicted to heading outdoors and getting active!  Whilst Christmas Day is traditionally a day for donning your Rudolph slippers, curling up to watch classic comedians and losing yourself in a box of Cadbury’s Heroes (other chocolates are available!), we are offering some alternatives to make the most of precious family time and help you create memories and traditions that we hope will last a lifetime.

1) Sackastrophe!

Santa enjoyed his glass of mulled wine a little too much this Christmas and has dropped some presents in the garden.  Why not leave some of your stocking fillers out and hide them around the garden to create a Christmas treasure hunt?  Write clues or simply scatter little gifts around the garden - a favorite family game with a festive slant.

 2) Nature Walks

Nothing beats a family walk on a crisp winter’s day, with the sun cutting through the bitter wind and the frost glinting on the bare branches of the trees…….unless that is, your children are grouchy from their 5am start, have slipped in the mud, complain about freezing cold feet and moan on repeat ‘how much further mummy?’  If this sounds all too familiar, why not distract them with a list of things to collect: foliage to make a centre piece or pebbles and stones that can be painted with Christmas trees and stars to make unusual place cards.  This not only distracts them during the walk but also gives them something to focus on once they are back home, leaving you to crack on with fluffing up the roast potatoes!

3) Outdoor Board Games

If the thought of a two hour Monopoly marathon with Uncle Fred buying out Mayfair and heaping it with copious amounts of real estate fills you with festive dread, we suggest that you head outside for some life sized board game fun.  You can invest in giant Jenga, Connect 4, get the Twister mat out or go for the more rustic options of chalk naughts and crosses on your driveway or skittles made out of empty fizzy drink bottles that you can fill with water or sand to weigh them down.  There are a plethora of ideas available that will turn the traditional ‘bored-game’ into something far more energetic and inspiring.

4) Get Your Skates On

If a family walk doesn’t fulfill your adrenaline requirements then swap your boots for skates and hit the ice.  With the rise of Christmas markets comes the rise of temporary outdoor skating rinks providing opportunities for family fun often that can be topped off with mulled wine or mugs of steaming hot chocolate.

5) Trip the Light Fantastic

There is one in every village, town and city in the UK.  All you need to do is look up to the sky to spot them….the glowing illumination of LEDs that create flashing Santa’s, 6-foot reindeers with beaming noses, giant inflatable snowmen and royal stars big enough to guide landing jumbo jets!  Yes, it’s the joy of Christmas decorations and with plenty of opportunity to find the best of the bunch throughout the month of December, why not plan a family walk or drive that combines some of the most decadent in your neighbourhood.  This is an activity guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the most cynical scrooge!

We hope this article has provided you with some inspiration for getting out and about at Christmas, but ultimately whatever you decide to do the team here at ACAI wish you all a beautiful Christmas filled with fun, laughter and the creation of special memories with the people that you love the most.

Merry Christmas from ACAI!