Five Powerful Women We Look Up To

For too many years gone by, masculinity has been looked upon as the symbol of strength; a fact that couldn't be any further from the truth even when both physical and mental strength are concerned. Feminism however, was wrongly conceived as a show of weakness, that if you were born a woman, you are automatically ineligible to do this and that and your place was restricted to so and so places. Gone are those days.

In times like this, there is nothing more honest than the fact that women are embodiments of strength, resilience and power. As we go by our day to day life, it may be very easy to forget the power within us and every once in a while, there is a need of a reminder that it takes strength to be a girl, it takes endurance to be a lady and it takes sacrifice to be a mother.

In recent years, many ground breaking events have rocked the world, seeing women at the forefront of several areas be it sport, education or government and so on. As a Mother, our first responsibility which is taking care of the home, caring and nurturing our kids can be quite a challenge especially if we have to work in the middle of all of this; we therefore need a reminder that even when handling so much, a lot more can be attained.

Here is our list of 5 women who we look up to and their achievements in spite of challenges to remind you of your potential to do much more and that every woman is a champion. Let's go!


  1. Katie Piper 

Katie Piper is one of our most admired women because of her ability to have weathered the storm, building something meaningful from her life where most would have given up. Juggling motherhood, business and charity work is never an easy feat but it is something Katie almost does effortlessly. One of the most challenging periods of Katie's life was in 2004 when she was acid-attacked by her ex and an accomplice; an attack that almost blinded her and disfigured her face.

At a point where most would have given up, Katie used all the pain and conjured something beautiful taking a first step in speaking about her ordeal and ensuring the culprits got reasonable sentence. She started a charity accommodating the ordeals of chemical attacks. The beautiful mother of one is currently pregnant expecting her child but has so far shown no signs of slowing down on her business and charity work even while raising a child and expecting another. 


  1. J.K Rowling


Joanne Rowling is a living testimony of the rewards of hard work, creativity and most importantly, an outstanding example that failure is but a stepping stone onto success. Joanne's life changed for the best all within the space of 7 years from 1990-1997 when she had conceived the idea of her Harry Potter series. Rowling today is worth over £238m but looking back at the struggles of someone who had lived on $140 weekly in a less than decent apartment having experienced the death of her mother, birth of her first child and divorce.

Rowling exceptional story of grass to grace is one that truly inspires belief that anyone can succeed no matter how much they have failed before. Today she is remarried with children and still ranks as UK'S best seller of all time after Harry Potter had sold over 400 million copies.


  1. Jessica Ennis-Hills


Jessica is one of our two athletes and mothers featured in this article. The UK heptathlon athlete is mother to a son and is currently expecting another baby has so many accolades to her name. The three-time world champion (2009, 2011 and 2015), 2010 European champion, 2015 UK championship winner, 2016 IAAF Ratigen champion and Summer Olympics Rio winner had her first child, Reggae in 2014, a year prior to her 2015 UK championship win.

One can only imagine the commitment to fitness and workout to first return her body to optimal performance and rid herself of the post baby effects of pregnancy. Continuing as a Mother of one, she once again wowed by clinching gold in the 2016 summer Olympics. It is never easy changing diapers, making breakfasts and hitting the race track but one way or another, Jessica pulled it off.


  1. Serena Williams


Being able to champion a tournament with a baby in your belly is not something to be easily forgotten by the whole world. Serena Williams needs no introduction even to the tennis layman. With a stellar career notching 72 single and 23 double titles, Serena Williams is one of the best there is in the game.


Our awe for this professional racket slammer however stems from her ability to wrestle the hurdles of pregnancy and claim the Australian open without losing a single set all through the tournament. Serena's victory serves as one of the highest motivation for mothers to cough out time and exercise, nurture their ideas and get doing. 


  1. Jo Pavey


There are very few people in the world that can strike 40 years of age and run from their house to workplace if they needed to. Joanne Pavey, mother of two and 5-time Olympic champion defied all odds when she won the 2014 European gold medal just ten months after she put to bed and just 40 days shy of age 41; a record breaker setting the record for the oldest athlete to win a 10000 m gold medal.

Jo's story is a challenge to every mother out there that a lot can be done even when experiencing the joy of pregnancy and motherhood. Her Stamina and determination to enter tip top shape and get back to winning ways less than a year after putting to bed shows that every woman is made of much more inside.



To be honest, if you are fearful of doing something out of fear of failure, then great chances are that you will never attempt it and you will never be able to face the failure, accept the feedback and move onto achieving success. Also, failure is a success strategy on its own. The perfect way to curb failure is to go through it and learn from your experience, then come out of the tops!

So are you ready to clearly define your goals, get out of your comfort zone, and  honourably welcome failure? If yes, those success stories above will help you adapt and overcome any obstacles, move you into creating and swinging into action towards achieving your dream life!

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