For the Love of Hiking

It has always been my passion, a dream of mine to create a product that makes someone else happy, that makes their life easier and serves a real purpose.

Each time I design a new collection I think about that and work on creating a product that will contribute to a positive experience for the person who wears it.

One of my favourite pieces in the collection is the Skinny Outdoor Trousers. It has taken a particularly long process to bring this product to the market, starting from an in-depth research to testing of the fabric and manufacturing technique. This is mainly down to the special treatment of the fabric. The DWR finish, which creates water resistance requires special type of needle to stitch the garment in order for the fabric to perform to its full capacity. In addition to that, the 4-way stretch requires a particular stitch tension in order to allow for full freedom of movement so it has been a real journey from the very beginning at the research stage to seeing the final product in its full capacity. Each garment is made multiple times before it is released to production in order to test and perfect the fit and it is always so incredible to review the journey from start to finish and seeing how far we have come!

Hiking has always been one of my favourite pastimes and I have spent a fair few weekends climbing the Scottish Hills. The raw experience has informed many of the design details of the Skinny Outdoor Trousers. The style and fashion element is very important but function and being fit for purpose is actually on equal level. I never compromise on either. Each product in our collections must always live up to the expectations of the avid hiker, runner or a gym goer as well as the fashion conscious woman.

This is why we welcome your contribution, comments and feedback with regards to the product design. ACAI brand is about you and each piece of advise we receive from our customers is taken into account to further develop the beautiful gear that meets your needs and expectations.

Please feel free to comment on our social media posts or send us private feedback. You can be sure that it will be taken into account!

Kasia Bromley, the creator of the ACAI brand