Girls Best Friend - Vizsla

The Vizsla breed is thought to be over 1000 years old, originating from Hungary and bred as a pointer and retriever most probably used by nobles and warlords to hunt and retrieve game birds and hares. The breed very nearly became extinct due to its use as a messenger dog during WW1, but has now developed into one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. This lively dog is affectionate, loyal and a great companion for an active family who will be plentifully rewarded for lavishing attention and copious amounts of exercise onto their hound.

Vizsla’s are a versatile breed who enjoy having a job to do. In days where hunting is now an activity favoured by the few, this ‘job’ comes in the form of your Personal Trainer! Be prepared for your Vizsla to be sitting on the doorstep ready to take you on your morning walk, jog or even swim; they are excellent swimmers especially if it also involves jumping in to fetch a stick!

ACAI Viszla in Lake

Be aware though, the Vizsla takes the phrase faithful and constant friend quite literally and has historically been nicknamed the ‘velcro Vizsla’ due to its insistence on being in the company of its owner at all times. This is most likely down to its breeding as a retriever dog, trained to be near the hunter. Whilst this will reassure anyone concerned about their dog straying, the reality is that you will only have to look down to find it – most likely leaning against your legs or sitting on your feet! If having a ‘dog shadow’ all day is something that would annoy you, then the Vizsla is quite possibly not the breed for you.

Vizsla’s require firm and determined training or they may be prone to destructive and antisocial behaviour. Whist highly intelligent, they also have a mind of their own, can be very stubborn and easily distracted from the task at hand. Owners must use firm but kind commands, repeating them clearly and consistently so that their dog has no confusion about who is boss! If your Viszla gets the right kind of training and sociability from an early age, they will make a fantastic pet for anyone who has the energy to keep up with them and the time to spend giving them the love and affection they need.  

ACAI Viszla Training

As we approach the summer months and warm weather, many of you may be dusting down your tents in anticipation of a camping trip. With its love of the outdoors, stick-ability to its owners and instinct to bury itself into duvets and sleeping bags Vizsla’s make incredible camping companions. Here’s some top tips of things to take with you to ensure your Vizsla has a fantastic time:

  • His favourite toys, chews and a comfy spot to lie down
  • A blanket to keep him warm if there is not enough room for two of you in the sleeping bag!
  • A long lead if you need to keep him leashed on the site
  • Sealed container with dog food/treats
  • Extra food as your dog will be expending extra energy keeping you active on your holiday
  • Extra towels to clean muddy paws on the inevitable rainy days that only camping holidays seem to attract!
  • Finally, always do a quick campsite check to make sure it’s safe – no glass, dumped food etc.