Guest Post: The lunch break fat blaster

Ladies, finding time to workout is tough. In between school pick up, school drop off, career progression, family time, a social life, day to day tasks and dare I say, ‘time for you’, finding 5 minutes, let only the elusive hour, can seem impossible. 

When leading such busy lives, fitting a training session into the day can create more stress and challenge than the workout itself!

Whatever your goals, training needs to be fast, effective and fun! Whether it’s running a 5k, training for the local triathlon, eliminating the muffin top and bingo wings, or achieving a total body transformation, every workout needs to give you the biggest bang for your buck allowing you to get on with your day feeling energised and positive, knowing that you are working towards YOUR goals.

With this in mind, this article provides two workouts that can be completed at home, in the office, in a car park…anywhere! The first workout requires no equipment making it accessible and convenient for all. The second workout requires just a single Kettlebell, which these days, can be picked up from your local Superstore! Simply add it to your weekly shopping list!

The suggested timings can be adjusted, so if you only have ten minutes for The Body Weight Workout, then roll with ten minutes. This is about making training work for YOU.

The 15 minute Bodyweight Workout

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

  • 15 squats
  • 15 glute bridge
  • 15 sit ups
  • 20 shoulder taps
  • 30 sec plank
  • 20 mountain climbs

The suggested repetitions of each exercise can be adjusted accordingly. If you are just starting out, you may wish to drop the reps to 10 and build up from there.

Kettlebell Booty Blaster

  • 10-1 Deadlift
  • 10-1 Goblet Squat
  • 10-1 Swings

This is known as a Ladder workout. Perform 10 repetitions of each exercise, followed by 9, followed by 8, followed by 7 etc until you reach 1. Complete this workout in the quickest time possible whilst maintaining good form. Take a rest when needed, then jump back in.

These workouts will get your heart pumping, your muscles working and the endorphins flowing! Fit them into your day, as many times a week as you can to improve energy levels, increase strength, tone up and feel great!

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Happy training Ladies!

Yours in health, strength and happiness

Laura Bromley BSc

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