How ACAI Outdoorwear was Born

Hi, my name is Kasia, progenitor of the ACAI fashion brand.

You already know me, because so much of who I am goes into the clothes I create.

Because we're celebrating ACAI this month, and we're also celebrating who you are, as our biggest supporters, I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about me, and my background, so that you know how much our clothes, and you wearing them, means to me.

Ever since I was a little girl, the dream was always there. I wanted to run a fashion brand, no matter what it took.

I grew up in Poland, and moved to the UK at 19, so passionate was I to pursue my dream. My first step was learning the trade, and to do this I studied Fashion Design at Edinburgh College of Art.

Those were great times! I spent summers working at fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Zandra Rhodes in London, and it was those experiences that made me the fashion designer I am today. 

When I graduated, my first job was designing cycling gear! Gee! That was fun. During college, I also had a bar job, and I remember sitting on the bus on the way to work, carrying all my drawings and dreaming that one day this would all be worth it. And it is!

Standing where I am today, with the ACAI brand becoming so successful, the advice I can give you is to always follow your dreams, no matter what it takes. Long hours studying and then working just so I could afford materials was tough. Often, I wanted to quit, but I was determined to see my dreams through. So however hard it is, don't give up!

Never! Passions in life come with hard work and sometimes you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel until it's blinding you in the face, but if you just persevere sooner or later you will be rewarded.

But as much as this story is about me, ACAI as a brand is all about you. ACAI is to help you stand out, on your own two legs, on your own two feet - your way.

The first prototype of the ACAI signature leggings were made in my Edinburgh flat in my tiny bedroom on my little old sewing machine. Late one night, I made the pattern and then stitched it all together. 

That one pair of leggings grew into a collection. I can't describe how exciting it was to see my designs all laid out in front of me, in the flesh. Finally, my dream had come true! My collection was here, ready to show off, and I was proud of it! (And a little nervous!)

But why ACAI, and why me? Well, using the female silhouette as a base, the curve cut panel designs really flatter your body and each seam is placed in just the right position to ensure maximum comfort.

I really believe it is so important to be individual. Each woman out there has her own incredible journey and embracing your own personal uniqueness, and oozing your own brand of confidence is something everyone should be able to do. ACAI is all about encouraging you, and everyone woman, to follow your own style. 

Working for myself allows me the freedom of creativity to fully express my style and not be confined to rules or externally imposed guidelines. This message of transcendence is really the message that, through my clothes, I wish to convey. 

Wear your clothes how you want! You're free to create your own rules! Wear your leggings with heels or a dress with a pair of trainers. You're here to walk your way.  At ACAI we offer technical details that aid physical performance, but we also allow you to feel confident in your own skin.

I hope that by telling my story, and why I created ACAI, you've been given a glimpse into who we are and what we do. Of course, I couldn't create such an amazing fitness brand without all the wonderful people who help me.

We aspire to encourage more women to get out there, exercise, lead healthier lifestyles and feel great about themselves. Whatever you choose to do, there is an activity that is out there you will enjoy doing. Don’t like running? Try Zumba. Don’t believe in Zumba? Try a boxercise class or if this is a bit too much, try yoga. 

There is something for everyone out there and whatever you choose make sure you love it as the more you enjoy it the more it becomes a habit and a way of life rather than a chore. 

Whether I am dropping my son off at nursery, lifting weights in the gym or going out for a run, I make sure my individual style stands out from the crowd and ACAI allows you to feel the same: 

Sexy. Feminine. Fierce.