Is it a Sin to Want to Look Stylish Whilst Being Active?

One of our recent campaigns has caused a little bit of controversy and because we at ACAI Activewear genuinely value the opinions and feedback from our followers, we thought it would be a good idea to explore this campaign and our rational behind it in more detail.


The campaign in question shows a picture of a ladies bottom clad in our red Skinny Outdoor Trousers, and has the tag line ‘Hiking Has Never Looked Sexier’.    


Immediately and understandably this has thrown up questions around the need to sexualize women’s advertising, whether it is necessary to look sexy when hiking and the adverse effect of these types of campaigns on the progress of feminism.  However, this is making the assumption that ‘sexy’ is a derogatory word linked with male objectivity, female conformity and the pressure to attain the ‘perfect body’.  


We at Acai come from a different place.  A place where feminism can embrace sexy as a demonstration of self-expression, confidence, individuality, strength and most importantly the freedom to choose what is right for you.  I am the kind of woman who happily walks out the house every day with a cursory blob of moisturiser and a rudimentary eyebrow tweeze, however I do not view myself as forwarding the feminist cause any more than someone who leaves the house with a full face of makeup and killer high heels.  As feminists, we should do what make us feel good, what we feel empowered by and what fuels us to be the best that we can be every single day.


Part of doing the best that you can every day also comes from having the right gear for the job – an agenda that Acai Activewear are extremely passionate about.  We strive to move away from the ‘function OR form’ paradigm and prove that it’s possible to look stylish at the same time as having the right technical clothing that gets the job done.  There have been many times when I have worn the more traditional style of women’s walking trousers and found myself stuck mid-stile trying to hitch the crotch of my trousers up so that I can confidently stride over a dry-stone wall!  Our trousers have been tested for freedom of movement; functionality, water resistance and breathability so we know that they work hard for you and help you look great if that’s important to you.  Personally, I think a crucial part of being a feminist is not having to compromise on what kind of woman you are; we can perform at our best whilst celebrating our feminine bodies - we can and deserve to have exactly what we want and it is this combination of style and functionality that underpins ACAI’s every creation.


Launching an advert into the realm of social media is always done with a deep intake of breath.  Launching an advert into social media that is specifically aimed at women is kin to a goat entering a maze lined with lionesses!  Perhaps in hindsight we got the image and tag line wrong?  However, both have sparked debate, opinion and conversation on a subject that is vitally important in today’s society.  A debate that is being led by the strong minded, confident, sassy and dare we say sexy women that we champion on a day-to-day basis.

On that note, we would love to hear your opinions on this subject and invite you to comment and continue the debate.