Losing friends due to your career?

We all know that true friends understand whenever you can’t make dinner party due to work commitments. They know you, they know your passion and how committed you are and therefore won’t get upset with you and will always keep their door open for you.

Your drive, passion and ambition creates a lifestyle that makes it hard to be able to see your friends as much as you would like to. Long term, this can be tough on your friendships, even if they are very understanding, so here are some tips on how to make sure your relationships are not suffering even in your gruelling schedule:

  1. Put it in your dairy and plan in advance

Just like when you see the words "Dentist's Day" in your planner and you make it important to keep it, write in "Dinner with Kate" and deal with just as much importance. Women's lifestyle website Girlfriendology suggested: "Put it on your calendar. Plan time together - and do not change plans unless absolutely necessary."


  1. Mix fitness with friends

Attending a spin, yoga or barre class and going for a park run or a swim with your friends is so much fun! Not only does it give you quality time to spend together doing something you both love but it means that you get your exercise done at the same time. After the class it gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up over a bite to eat. Make it a regular occurrence, which is part of your normal schedule.


  1. Arrange lunch dates

Even if you don’t have time or energy to go out in the evening after a busy day at work, a quick 45 minute catch up at lunch time can be the most energizing and motivating exercise you can do that will get you through the afternoon. Sometimes gossiping burns more energy than a HIIT class!


  1. Quick phone calls

Quick but meaningful phone calls do so much for your friendship even if you haven’t had a chance to meet up for a couple of weeks. Do that in times when you are super busy and struggle to even pop out for lunch. Your friend will appreciate it and will go out of her way to fit into your schedule, if she can.

  1. Be organized!

Now, this one is hard and certainly easier said than done but staying on top of your To-Do-List is key. We all often leave things to the last minute, panic and cancel plans with friends because of deadlines. Now, this is allowed to a certain extent but that’s why planning your week in advance and sticking to it is so good. Unexpected tasks that pop up can throw our schedule so try to limit your cancellations with friends to those most desperate times!

  1. Involve your partner if you have kids

Make sure you share your responsibilities with your other half and allow yourself nights out whilst your partner stays in with the little one/s. Us mums, especially young mums often forget that it’s OK to go out and hand over the responsibility of looking after the kids. Dads are more capable than we sometimes give them credit for so believe that everything will be just fine when you are not there. Start with an evening and you will be preparing for a weekend away with the girls sooner than you think!