The Meticulous Process of Developing Our Gear

Meet The Maker – The Meticulous Process of Developing Our Gear

Behind every brand is a person and behind that person is an idea that they hold with intense passion and purpose.  An obsession to share their idea with as many people as possible, to help as many people as possible and to make as many people as possible feel happy.

This is and always has been the driving force of ACAI’s co-founder and creative director Kasia Bromley. The garments that arrive at your front door are the result of many hours of vivid imagination, creative design, meticulous production and passionate promotion.  We at ACAI want to share this process with you so that you can understand more about the garments you wear – from conception to the finished article.

Your garments are born on the pages of Kasia’s design books – a collective of colour, style ideas and functional necessities. Once perfected on paper, a pattern and prototype of each garment is made in-house, fitted and tested by Kasia herself and a team of active and ruthless ladies to ensure that it meets the rigorous demands expected of her collections. It takes many hours and several prototypes before the product is even ready to be developed with our suppliers; a collaboration that pours over every detail of our garments, conducting further stress tests and fault finding until we perfect the fit and functionality of each piece.

We take pride in the quality of our garments and pay attention to every detail.  Our material is made specifically for ACAI and for purpose - to ensure comfort, breathability and a unique style.

At the forefront of Kasia’s every idea and creation is the requirements of her customer.  Every piece of feedback is taken onboard and into account during the design process. Her vision is to create an active apparel range that empowers, inspires and ultimately makes everyone who wears it feel confident and happy within themselves.  Part of achieving this is to create garments that are the best they can possibly be and in a marketplace full of choices, offer our customers that little bit extra.  From our seamless legging technology to our sewn in secret pockets, our body temperature regulating thermals to our 4-way stretch, water repellent outdoor trousers - your comfort, style and confidence is at the heart of everything we do. 

After the garments are produced and returned to ACAI, we wait excitedly to see who shall benefit from them.  We are proud to have received so many positive comments from women who have robustly put their purchases to the test and been delighted with the results. 

Kasia says, ‘one of the highlights of my career so far was an email that I received from a girl who had spent some of the money that her mum had left her before she passed away on ACAI clothing.  She wanted to use the money to get something that would make her happy. She was able to continue doing something that she loved in clothing that helped her feel happy, confident and secure and that means the world to me. This is why I do this job. It is everything that ACAI stands for and we are so excited for our future and being able to help more women out there to find their strength within.”

The ACAI Team