Must-Do Adventure Ideas for 2018

Whether you’re looking for a new idea for a family adventure or something that will create memories you can cherish for a lifetime – we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas from the fun to the ambitious!

  1. Try Paragliding

If you’re looking for something thrilling, adventurous and exciting – and a little out of the ordinary – paragliding is guaranteed to kick your New Year off with a buzz! Whilst it’s one of those activities that’s familiar to all of us, you might be surprised by how popular it actually is and the number of centres around the UK which offer taster sessions, experiences and beginner lessons. And of course, if you get a bug for it, they’re able to take you through your full pilot training! It’s a great idea for a birthday experience or for something to do with a bunch of thrill seeking friends – and you can even do it indoors if you want to take the weather out of the equation!

There are centres across the UK, but we’ve heard good things about the centres in Derbyshire, Manchester, the Peak District and Milton Keynes (which is the indoor centre).

  1. Safari Trip to Kenya

If you’ve ever been to a Safari Park, you’ll no doubt remember the wonder and excitement you felt the first time you saw Africa’s “Big Five” in the flesh for the first time. Well, if you’re prepared to turn that feeling up to max, put a Safari Trip to Kenya on your bucket list! Seeing – and sometimes even meeting – those animals in the wild is not only exhilarating, but doing it in the wild, often sleeping under the stars, is an amazing way to escape the man-made world and recharge your mental batteries. Animal Planet isn’t just for the TV – it’s something waiting for you to experience first-hand in 2018!

This guide by The Telegraph is a great look at everything you need to bear in mind for your first trip to Kenya and Tanzania.

  1. Trekking the Incredible Sights of Norway

When the country’s own tourist board recommends taking in its landscape on foot – you know you’re in for a hiking adventure like no other! Whether you’re an experienced hiker looking for a challenge or you would prefer something a little more family-friendly, Norway has some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe and hiking trails designed to suit your level of experiences and ambition. A final word of advice and a word of warning – consider taking a guided tour through the fjords, and be prepared for how cold it can get!

  1. Climb Mount Everest

We weren’t joking when we said we had a ideas for the ambitious! Obviously a challenge of this magnitude isn’t for everybody, but what may surprise you is how accessible something like tackling the world’s highest summit is if you’re determined. We can’t stress enough the sheer investment you’ll need to make both in your training and in the cost of the trip itself, but if you’re looking for something that will create a lifetime of memories, friendships and fire-side stories, there is little that can compete with taking on the most famous 29,000ft climb in the world!

  1. See the Northern Lights of Iceland

This is a favourite of ours, and something we hope everybody gets to experience some day! If you’re looking for an adventure to share as a family, or maybe something a little more intimate and romantic, nothing is as breath-taking as experiencing the whites, greens, pinks and purples of the Northern Lights dancing through the night sky. It’s a trip you’ll need to make between September and April (we’d recommend between November and January), and it’s usually best to stay for 7-nights to make sure you get to experience the lights at least once on your trip (they’re a natural phenomenon – so a little unpredictable!).

If you’d like to find out more – this article is a great place to start with your reading, and dare we say – planning?

Make 2018 more than just a New Year – make it a way to fuel a new you. Taking a break from the day-to-day grind has a huge impact on your mental wellbeing, and the chance to experience something new, inspiring and exciting can be life changing.