Versatility in design

Imagine if you had a pair of pants that you can wear to the gym, for a business meeting, or to lunch with your friends. Wouldn’t that be the best thing ever designed?

When we are travelling, we have limited space to fit your clothes. With ACAI, you can create so many looks based around one item of clothing. Isn’t this amazing?!  

It’s such a let down, rummaging through your bag in the change room, only to find that you’ve left an essential item of your gym gear at home. Shouldn’t we be ready for exercise every moment of every day? 

Personal comfort is so important to me. Like many women, my chest is so sensitive I just can’t exercise without good bra support. Once when I forgot my sports bra on a family trip, I had to layer five cotton vests one upon another just to give myself support! I was hot in all the wrong ways! 

That’s why I designed a sports bra that you can wear under a knitted jumper or a shirt, a jacket whilst you are travelling, along with stylish (and high performing) leggings that are ready whenever you are. Believe me! Having a supportive sports bra is also crucial when you find yourself running at the airport because you’re late for your flight! 

And I know that this may sound a bit silly, but how about this: when you are trying to justify buying your favourite pair of leggings to your partner, next time you can say with all confidence (and an entirely straight face) – ‘I’m actually saving money because I can wear it in so many ways with so many different outfits!’ (I’ve done that! It worked!) 

It is very important to me to feel good in what I am wearing. At the same time I would never sacrifice my comfort, and nor should you. My ultimate goal is to continue creating such garment for you to make you feel comfortable and sexy, any time of day, any place in the world.  

This is why designing ACAI means so much to me. I put a lot of focus on these two very important aspects of clothing design and make sure that the brand reflects that. I am so passionate about creating this garment that makes you feel special. Let us know how ACAI works for you!