You’ve Got to See it to Believe it!

Have you ever been told that if you are going to get the results you want you are going to have to visualise it?  

We have recently worked with Team GB athletes quite a bit and it has got us thinking, we are all so full of potential so what is it that is holding us back? We have talked to the team, we have scoured the internet, we have read articles and watched videos and have come to this conclusion.   It is all about Belief.

Not just telling yourself that you could achieve it, but really feeling it like there is no other option.  This could be seeing yourself crossing the finish line of your first marathon (A daunting thought for everyone who has experienced it), it could be getting a promotion at work, or beating your seemingly impossible PB.

One of the stories we really enjoyed and really explained the power of visualisation is one from Tony Robbins, an American Life Coach about a basketball team.  We will summarise it for you now.

The basketball team was split into three groups.

The first group was asked to practice shooting, every day.  They had a certain number of shots to achieve each day. Practice makes perfect

The second group was told not to do anything.  Not even touch a ball.  They were told to relax

The third group was also asked not to touch a ball but instead of relaxing, they needed to visualise taking the shot and being successful every. single. time.

After a few weeks of this regime they tested the players to see if the techniques had improved their ability to score the hoops

Which group do you think improved the most?

There aren’t many people who would immediately say that is was the group who had relaxed for 6 weeks.  

So how about the practice makes perfect group? The group that made the effort to improve their technical skill every single day? Well, it wasn’t them in this case either.

It was the group who had visualised success and trained their brain to believe that when they shoot they score.  

Now the reality is that they didn’t score every time, that would be impressive.  But, they did improve the most without even touching the ball.

This story is a powerful one, as Tony Robbins explains the potential, and the action remain the same.  The difference is if you believe in it or not.

The how to of programming the subconscious brain

First of all, we want to make it clear that with all things worth doing, you will need to work at it.  It may not come easy but like a muscle, the strength will develop over time.  It may not come naturally but give it time.

Here are our top tips for implementing visualisation

  1. Make it part of your routine, 10mins every day to start with
  2. Close your eyes and relax.  What’s the worst that can happen?
  3. Breath slow and deep
  4. Focus on what you want, what does it look like when you beat your PB? How do you feel?
  5. Play around with your images.  Some people prefer to look at themselves from the outside, like an outer body experience, some prefer to see if as though they were looking through their own eyes.
  6. Play around with colour.  Some people tend to visualise in black and white, others in colour.  To help cement the image in your head try and change the colour.   
  7. Use visual aids to bring the message back to you throughout the day.  i.e. a vision board or photo.
  8. Follow the same routine every day.    

If you are still not convinced, you can watch Tony Robbins explain this full story and more in this video, .

We would love to know if you already use visualisation or if this is something you are going to try.  Connect with us on our social channels and share your story with us.