Zen brain, not brain drain

If you’re aiming for the top, you know that even more tiring than the late nights, skipped meals, and early mornings, is the brain drain.

It’s plain exhausting, and boring, having to in everyone else’s mind all the time, thinking what they’re thinking, anticipating their next move!

Well, there’s a way to pull the focus back onto you, and still get the career you want.

Everyone knows how yoga is good for the body. It’s also fitness training for the mind.

With yoga, you learn how to choose your emotions, consciously. You’re no longer driven by reactions to what happened yesterday, or what might happen in the future - because you’re in control, in the here and now.  

Emotions, long before we give them a name, are felt in the body. Master your body, and you master your mind.

Imagine if you could be so aware of how you’re feeling in your body at any one time - tired, stressed, sad - and have the kind of sensitivity that you could then just change it around? Turn sad into happy? Turn tired into exuberant? Would you like that kind of power?

When we do physical yoga practice - asanas - we’re learning basic body awareness. When we stay in poses, emotions that might have been dormant a long time come up. We start to feel sensitive to how we are feeling in our body, as the energy moves, and when and how we feel things. We learn how to move old, stuck emotions - and let them go. It’s the same great feeling you get after a long hard cry.

And when we finish our yoga practice, and feel so good, because all those knots and twists that were wrought in our bodies have been undone, we start to learn how good our bodies can really feel… That sense of release and spaciousness in our bodies that feels sooooo… zen. And we seek that feeling all the time, because now we know we can.

Zen is the feeling, the sense, of nothing at all. No mind, no thoughts. Just… zero. Just the feeling of being who we are, alive in our bodies. Wouldn’t you want that? That raw experience of the essential you

That’s the part of yoga that’s called mindfulness. Mindfulness starts and ends with the body. You learn to pay attention to your breathing. Breathing in, breathing out. And the sound your mind makes when your thoughts make no noise at all. Mindfulness removes the filters of emotion and judgment that can make us so uptight and stressed - so you start experiencing life as it is, not how you think it is, or should be.

So, you’ll still be making your journey to the top - but with mindfulness, not with stress. You’ll have the space in your thoughts, in your mind, to pay attention to the little things - and appreciate them - rather than clawing for what you don’t have, or what might have been before.

When we live radiating gratitude for what is, life has a lot more room to reward us with “what ifs” way more beautiful than anything we could have imagined - and people who might have looked over us before will be drawn to us, too, because we’ll have that elusive something that everyone wants - the radiance of being brilliantly you.