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How to care for your ACAIs

by Laura Barlow on Mar 11, 2022

How to care for your ACAIs

It's important to take care of your ACAI product to ensure they perform their best and stand the test of time. 

Our Garment Technologist, Rosie, has pulled together five top tips for you to look after your gear. 

  1. Always wash your trousers at 30° 
  2. Avoid using fabric conditioners and standard detergents, although they make your clothes smell heavenly, they damage the performance of the DWR (durable repellent finish) which keeps your trousers shower-resistant. 

  3. Use Grangers Wash + Repel in every 2-5 washes, it provides total care to your trousers from thorough cleaning to restoring and maintaining water repellency.  

  4. To activate the DWR in Grangers Wash + Repel, either dry your trousers on the radiator or tumble dry on a low heat.  

  5. If you want to iron your trousers, they must be inside out and please note that we do not recommend ironing the Aventurites.  


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