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All Things Thermal Clothing

by Laura Barlow on Sep 30, 2022

Women's Thermal Clothes

All of a sudden, the air turns crisp and your toes curl inwards. No, this is not the beginning of a horror novel. Although, for many of us, the mere thought of winter can send shivers down our spine and turn us instantly into an icicle.

Cryophobia (the fear of extreme cold) has to be combatted. That’s where ACAI comes in. Over the years, we have developed a collection of thermal clothing for women who frequently feel the chill. From thermal leggings and trousers to thermal base layer tights and tops, we aim to wave goodbye to uncomfortable outings in the cold.

What Are Thermal Clothes?

A revelation that’s what! Albeit an age-old concept, thermal clothes are still as relevant today as they were for women fighting frostbite in bygone eras.

Historically, thermal clothing was categorised by anything worn under your clothes to keep you warm. It’s always worked by trapping tiny pockets of warm air close to the skin. Today, the transition of fashion, the fabrics used and designs undertaken, has taken women’s thermal clothing to another level. 

Women's Thermals

Women's Thermal Clothing

There’s a science as to why females (human and in the animal kingdom) often feel colder. Hormonal differences and a lower metabolic rate, results in women producing less heat compared to men. As a result, there’s always been a demand for additional warmth.

Women's thermals have evolved to cater for all occasions and activities. Everyday wear in the form of thermal underwear helps to keep your private parts toasty whilst thermal tops and trousers are geared up for more adventurous expeditions.

A point of difference between thermals you may wear for comfort compared to thermal clothes used for purpose tends to be style or functionality features.

How to Choose Thermal Wear

Admittedly, choosing thermal clothes has become a little more complex than it used to be. ACAI accepts some of the blame for this. Largely because we’ve somewhat revolutionised the offering. Our women’s thermal clothing range has been developed and designed by women for women and as a result considerations such as comfort, functionality and aesthetic have all been catered for.

The thing with thermal wear is that you already know what you’re looking for (something to do its job and keep you warm). You can somewhat discount the fit, as loose-fitting garments wouldn’t work as well. Thermals have to fairly be skin-tight to trap the heat.

Yes, thermals should be both functional and practical but style and performance shouldn’t be ignored either.

Thermal Trousers

The ultimate cold weather performance legwear designed with outdoorsy women who feel the cold but want to carry on adventuring. Our Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers are available in an assortment of colourways to suit your individual taste.
Key Features: 
Fleece Lined
Shower Resistant
Four-way Stretch 
Quick Drying

Women's Thermal Trousers
Watch the product video

Thermal Pants

Our Thermal Casual Stroll Pants offer up all of the same advantages as the Thermal Skinnies but have a more relaxed and casual fit, as well a few different style features.

Key Features: 
Elasticated Back & Ankle
Zip Pocket & 2 Front Pockets
Four-way Stretch

Thermal Casual Stroll Pants

Thermal Leggings

Keep your legs warm whether running, cycling, walking or horse riding. These thermal leggings offer peak comfort and performance.

Key Features: 
Moisture Wicking 
Secure Zip Pocket

Women's Thermal Leggings


Are Base Layers the Same as Thermals?

Thermal Base Layers

Without getting too technical, and considering the fact that both base layers and thermal clothes act as a secondary layer of skin to protect you from colder temperatures, they can be viewed as the same thing.

The noticeable differences being how the materials used can influence how or where you may wear them. Cotton or wool tend to be thicker compared to synthetics which can easily slide underneath a pair of skinny jeans.

Thermals may focus more on heat retention when worn externally, whilst base layers employed underneath clothes may work harder on keeping sweat at bay, to prevent shivering. Therefore, in more physically intense scenarios like hiking and backpacking, you may want to choose materials with moisture wicking capabilities to help maintain comfort.

For ACAI, the difference between thermal and base layers is that our thermal clothes can be worn as standalone items. Whereas, our thermal base layers are designed to be worn underneath our All Season and Summer range, specifically our Original Max Stretch Skinnies – so you can get more longevity out of them throughout the seasons.

Thermal Base Layer Tops

Allow the super soft fabric and seamless design to eradicate chafe and the latest technology to deliver superior thermal insulation.

Key Features: 
Moisture Wicking 
Thumb Loops

Women's Thermal Base Layer Top

Thermal Base Layer Tights

Intelligently engineered to flatter and function as thermal tights should. Ideal for everyday wear or chilly winter walks.

Key Features: 
NILIT Heat Technology
Engineered Knit Construction
Movement & Support

Thermal Base Layer Tights - ACAI


What to Wear Under Skinny Jeans

Women's Thermal Clothing

Whether you’re wanting additional warmth when wearing your ACAI Original Max Stretch Skinnies  or your favourite pair of Casual Stroll Pants, our thermal base layer tights and thermal leggings (see above) are the ideal solution. Streamline enough to comfortably slide underneath and manoeuvrable enough to maintain flexibility throughout.

Where to Buy Thermals

Women’s thermals are widely available. But for thermal clothes that look luxurious, feel fabulous and perform with purpose, ACAI has a collection worthy of combatting Cryophobia!


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