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Welcoming The Wet Weather

by Joel Peart on Oct 27, 2022

Welcoming The Wet Weather

ACAI embraces the wet weather. We love it. How much do we love it? Well, queue the thunderously dramatic soundtrack as we ride rainstorms all the way to the mountain tops where dark clouds accumulate, with our arms wide open in hope of a hug from the rain! That much.

We’ve got the wet weather attitude and attire to get you to the top. Have you got the wet weather desire to get out amongst it?

Rainfall Isn’t For Us All

Off-putting for many but inviting for others, rain plays its way into our psyche. Rainy days are usually seen as a reason to stay indoors. ‘Miserable’ and ‘depressing’ are terms often associated with rain…but so are ‘mesmerising’ and ‘magical’.

Rain in all its forms is fascinating. From light drizzle that tediously trickles to tsunami style sheets of rain that soak in an instant. Watching from your window in the warmth is one thing, but embracing it in the outdoors is another.

The impact of rainfall causes our landscapes to ebb and flow, transforming the scenery around us into something else. Holes become puddles. Overflowing rivers cut temporary new streams into our countryside. And our lawns transform into waterlogged lagoons.

Away from the environmental illusions, the rainy season is a sensory experience for the soul. Rain has its very own essence - its own smell. It brings with it an orchestra for the ears - pitter patter percussion and chords of crashing torrents. Mouths open wide and tongues hang out - we strangely welcome the taste. To the touch rain can tickle and tantalise us into taking our tops off! So, why don’t we get out in it more often?

Wet Weather Activities

What is there to do when it’s raining outside? Water based activities are always an option, (seeing as though you’ll be getting wet regardless). Canoeing, kayaking or gorge scrambling are wet weather activities we can get behind. But if you don’t have the equipment or budget, you can’t beat walking or hiking in the rain. For that, you’ll want some wet weather clothing to accompany you!

Wet Weather Clothing

Wet Weather Clothing - Women's Outdoor Clothing

When walking or hiking in the rain, it’s important that your outdoor clothing performs. We’ve all been let down by underperforming outdoor clothes in the past. That had to change. ACAI designs and produces wet weather clothing with a range of features and functionalities that allow for comfort in rainy conditions. For wet weather gear that whets the appetite, please, read on.

Women’s Rain Coats

A raincoat is a right of passage to life in the UK. They’re to be hung in an easily accessible place, for a quick grab and go in the eventuality of rain scenario.

Lightweight and packable is preferable. Rain coats from yesteryear were only to be worn if desperate, otherwise ashamedly tucked away to be tucked away so it  didn't cramp your style. Today, however, we want women to wear a raincoat with pride - knowing it’s backed up by performance.

Ladies Lightweight Waterproof Jackets

The wait is finally over for a waterproof jacket that you can be proud of. A wardrobe essential for women who long to be outdoors come rain or shine. Our newest recruit off the ACAI conveyor belt is the Waterproof Multiway Jacket. Stylish, versatile and fully waterproof in anticipation of adventures in wet weather.

Waterproof Multiway Jacket

Waterproof Multiway Jacket

Waterproof Multiway Jacket - Women's Rain Coat

Find the middle ground in our showerproof outdoor popover which offers the solution to a lightweight, stylish jacket capable of protecting you from light wind and showers as you seek shelter from those unexpected showers.

The Outdoor Showerproof Popover

The Outdoor Showerproof Popover - Women's Rain Coat

Women's Outdoor Lightweight Jacket - ACAI

Wet Weather Tops

Wet weather tops are the type of garment you wear underneath a waterproof jacket to help regulate temperature and maintain comfort during a soggy stroll. Although your waterproof jacket will be keeping you dry, things may get steamy below. Therefore, breathability, moisture wicking and seamless stitch properties are what you should look for.

Breathable T-Shirts

The ACAI Breathe Tee is durable but soft. Seamless stitching ensures a chafe free adventure and perforations add the breathability factor.

Breathe Tee

Breathe Tee by ACAI - Outdoorwear

Perforation Breathe Tee by ACAI

Thermal Base Layer Tops

Thermal Seamless Base Layer Tops are insulated for that layer of warmth and employ moisture-wicking technology to stop the shivers setting in.

Thermal Base Layer Top

Thermal Seamless Base Layer Tops

Thermal Base Layer - ACAI Outdoorwear

Wet Weather Trousers

It’s usually the legs that take the onslaught from wet weather and rather than wearing unsightly and baggy waterproof layers over your outdoor trousers, ACAI went about designing shower resistant and quick drying women’s walking trousers that keep you warm whilst still looking good.

Casual Outdoor Trousers

Reimagined for the cooler months and ever changing weather forecasts, the Thermal Casual Outdoor Stroll Pant is a firm favourite for flexibility and fit, as well as keeping you dry.

Thermal Casual Stroll Pants

Thermal Casual Stroll Pants

Skinny Outdoor Trousers

Quick drying, fleece lined and shower resistant for all the comfort and freedom when out in the wet weather admiring the rainfall.

Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers

Skinny Outdoor Trousers Video - ACAI


With outerwear like this, there’s no excuse not to get outdoors in the rain and embrace some quintessential British weather! So, whether it’s raining cats and dogs or quite simply chucking it down, press play on your dramatic soundtrack and welcome the wet weather with open arms. After all - it’s only a bit of rain, it won’t hurt you!

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