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A Guide to Choosing the Best Waterproof Jacket

by Laura Barlow on Apr 19, 2023

A Guide to Choosing the Best Waterproof Jacket

Before the launch of The Multiway Waterproof Jacket, ACAI firmly believed that a great waterproof jacket should be versatile (in terms of its style) whilst remaining practical and effective in its performance and fit. 

That mindset has not changed. Nor did it falter throughout the design, development and launch of the Multiway. In order for ACAI to make the best waterproof jacket there were plenty of things to consider and implement to create a women’s waterproof jacket that would have multiple styles and uses.

3 Key Areas for Consideration

A guide to choosing the best waterproof jacket

1. Performance

Without stating the obvious, a waterproof jacket should be able to perform in all forms of rainfall, from light drizzle to a downpour. You ought to be able to rely on your garment to provide the necessary protection you expect, as a minimum. Beyond that, it’s fair to expect quality. Quality materials and quality production to prolong its lifespan, so you don’t have to replace it sooner than you’d like to. 

2. Style

For a modern day adventurer, or women with an outdoorsy lifestyle, the overall style of a waterproof jacket should be taken into consideration. For too long, outdoorwear has been too distinguishable and easy to categorise, limiting a garment's appeal to be worn elsewhere other than the outdoors. You should look for style features that appeal to your individuality and ones that are considerate of your lifestyle. 

3. Fit

The fit of a waterproof jacket should take on board more than the typical sizes of small, medium and large. Comfort is paramount when investing in an item of clothing like a waterproof jacket because of the frequency and length of time you will spend wearing it. Consider a garment that can adapt or adjust to suit your comfort needs on the move - something that’s lightweight and manoeuvrable

The Best Waterproof Jacket for Your Lifestyle

ACAI understood that the want for a waterproof jacket is to first and foremost keep you dry. For the record, our Multiway Waterproof Jacket is water resistant up to 10,000mm (meaning it can withstand a lot of rain in one sitting). 

However, it was also apparent that the where, when and why of keeping dry may differ from one person to another. 

Best Waterproof Jacket for Women's Lifestyles

The Multiway Waterproof jacket was designed with that in mind. It was wear-tested and designed by women with different agendas, hobbies and interests for women with varied lifestyles, to create a waterproof jacket that can be worn in multiple ways for a multitude of occasions or activities. 

The Best Waterproof Jacket for Hiking

Best Waterproof Jacket for Hiking

Typically, the best waterproof hiking jackets are ones that are lightweight, durable and packable. Whilst out on a hike, it’s not unusual to be met by weather that can change in an instant. So a waterproof jacket that adds a layer of protection without weighing you down during rainy spells and one that can be stowed away just as quick once the sun begins to shine makes for a great hiking companion. 

Waterproof & Windproof Jacket

Waterproof & Windproof Jacket

There’s not much worse than an unwelcome gust of cold or the feeling of a rain droplet slowly sneaking in through your jacket and disturbing your comfort. Sometimes, a waterproof PU membrane alone is not enough. That’s why ACAI included a hood, chin guard, storm flap, taped seams, covered hems, adjustable cuffs and drawcords in the design of the Multiway Waterproof Jacket, to avoid any unwanted or unexpected elements during your adventure.  

Warm Waterproof Jacket

Warm Waterproof Jacket

ACAI did consider how to keep you warm as well as dry. Without packing the lightweight Multiway full of thermal insulation and compromising the design and fit, a tricot fabric lining was added making it capable of trapping heat. The dense Herringbone weave of the outer fabric allows the wearer to stay warmer, also. In addition, the relaxed, oversized fit was a conscious choice to allow you to layer-up underneath without feeling suffocated. 

Everyday Waterproof Jacket

If you’re an all-weather outdoorsy sort, a waterproof jacket is an essential item of outdoor clothing for keeping you dry. Moreover, the Multiway is extremely lightweight (800g) and the tricot fabric lining is great for wicking away sweat as well as being breathable, so it works for those unexpected summer showers. In addition, there’s a selection of multiple, sizable pockets to keep your belongings in. Keeping your phone and keys in separate pockets prevents them from clattering and scratching against one another when you’re on the move. 

Showerproof Running Jacket

The Outdoor Showerproof Popover offers the perfect solution for all your summer adventures. Super lightweight, breathable and with an easy-on side zip that makes it easy to throw on and off, the Popover offers stylish protection from light winds and showers as well as keeping you cool on warmer days.

The Best Waterproof Jacket for Women

Surely, the best waterproof jacket for women is one that suits the individuality and adapts to the lifestyle of its buyer? That’s what ACAI believes. After almost 2 years in development, the Multiway Waterproof Jacket truly is a jacket designed by women for women. It’s packed full of features and affordable at only £129!  

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