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Women’s Waterproof Jacket

by Laura Barlow on Mar 10, 2023

Women's Waterproof Jacket

If you live in the U.K - you own a waterproof jacket. It’s just the way it is. Yet, how many of those waterproof jackets are ashamedly stuffed to the back of the closet or tossed into the car boot without any care because they either underperform or downgrade your look? 

Your waterproof jacket shouldn't be something you wear begrudgingly just because it's raining. It should encourage you to go further, for longer, in the outdoors. It should be worn with an air of confidence and complement your outfit, no matter what. 

Yes, we are aware that a waterproof jacket’s main objective is to keep you dry, but why should that be its only purpose? 

What We Know About Women's Waterproof Jackets

Women’s waterproof jackets are typically designed with outdoor activities in mind. The trouble is that they are usually developed with a specific feature to suit a particular activity, often overlooking other areas which may be of importance to modern-day female shoppers. 

Women's Waterproof Jacket - Outdoor Activities

For instance, it could be a high-intensity activity such as running where breathability is the main feature, or something where warmth needs to play a part like in a ski jacket. The issue being that the former is not so robust and the latter too chunky for everyday wear. Plus the aesthetic usually screams of mountain-wear rather than stylish casual-wear.  

More often than not, most of us are looking for a waterproof jacket to protect us from unpredictable weather (understandably). But why should a women’s waterproof jacket be limited to just that? 

After some initial research, we couldn’t quite find a women’s waterproof jacket to match our expectations. The search continued for a women’s waterproof jacket that sat between extremes, whilst remaining stylish enough to wear as an everyday garment. 

The Best Waterproof Jacket for Women

The best waterproof jacket for women has to be one that is thoughtful and appealing in its appearance and design, as well as being as water repellent as an umbrella! It must also take into consideration individual lifestyles and personalities. 

As our daily lives become busier and all consuming, we seek new ways to escape the stress, and alternative ways to express ourselves. Therefore the best waterproof jacket would need to be one for everyday occurrences as well as outdoor adventures, to suit differing characters. 

This is why our team at ACAI spent a fair amount of time developing the Multiway Waterproof Jacket. We wanted our waterproof jacket to tick the boxes on all fronts before we made it available to the masses. 

As its name suggests, and as you can see, it can be worn in multiple ways for a multitude of activities. 

Designed by women for women, wear tested and redeveloped, until all parties were satisfied. This women’s waterproof jacket understands outdoorsy women who are on the move, make conscious considerations about style and are self-confessed queens of comfort. 

Here are all of the reasons why we think our Multiway Waterproof Jacket is a snip at only £129

It’s a Windproof & Waterproof Jacket 

Wind and water are not welcome here. Waterproof fabric, taped seams, draw cords, covered hems, a storm flap and a chin guard all work in harmony to protect you from the elements. Trust us, we’ve tested it. On a team member. In an actual shower. And on the gusty mountain tops of North Wales. The result? Not a drop of water gained entry nor a gust of wind passed through.  

It’s a Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Of course, we had to make it lightweight. A lightweight waterproof jacket makes for a more enjoyable adventure, after all. We didn’t want excess bulk weighing you down or contributing to discomfort as you’re going about your business. Plus, we made it packable. It will neatly fold away inside the hood, so you can tuck it into your rucksack without even knowing it’s there.

The Perfect Women’s Walking Jacket

Whether you're out walking the dog, collecting the kids from school or going for an after dinner stretch, we wanted to create a women’s walking jacket fit for all walks of life (see what we did there?) With that in mind, we added several practical pockets to store all your possessions in whilst you’re on the move and concentrated on the aesthetic for a flattering fit that can be paired with any outfit.  

Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

The Ideal Women’s Waterproof Hiking Jacket

When you’re out on a hike, particularly up a mountain, the weather can change in an instant. So we made sure that we made a women’s waterproof hiking jacket capable of adapting in an instant. Too hot? Roll up and secure your sleeves back. Too warm but still require waterproof protection? Our fabric has breathability. A bit windy? Draw the cords and trust the storm flap. 

 It’s a Warm Waterproof Jacket

Considering it’s about as light as a loaf of bread (800g), with no padded interior, you’d think that the material we used would be for waterproof purposes only. But it’s not. It's a herringbone stitch to prevent heat loss. We also ensured that the fabric lining was a tricot. This means that it has tiny fibres which stand on end to capture and trap any warmth on the inside of the jacket. Toasty (not a bread pun). 

The Best Women’s Waterproof Winter Jacket

Why is it the best waterproof jacket for winter? Because it’s designed to allow for under-layers (like our Outdoor Full Zip Fleece) without compromising your manoeuvrability or look. The tailoring gives freedom to the arms and shoulders whilst the purposely oversized flatters your physique, rather than leaving you looking plump.

Re-Waterproofing Your Waterproof Jacket

With sustainability in mind, the Multiway Waterproof Jacket was designed to have longevity. Not only in terms of its style but its durability too. This means you won’t have to replace your waterproof jacket each year as it becomes tired or outdated. 

Women's Waterproof Jacket - ACAI - The Multiway Waterproof Jacket

ACAI recommends reproofing after every wash (machine wash 30˚) with Grangers Wash + Repel liquid to maintain fabric protection, followed by either drying the garment on a radiator, low temperature tumble dry or ironing it on the reverse side post wash.

Essentially, it’s a jacket that’s got you covered (literally), wherever you’re heading and whatever the weather. And it’s only £129. Hence why we think it’s the best women’s waterproof jacket out there. 

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