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ACAI x Adventure Queens Community Partnership Launched

by Talitha Palmer Roberts on Nov 21, 2022

ACAI x Adventure Queens Community Partnership Launched

Through its clothing and Community Partnerships, ACAI strive to put women first in the outdoors, breaking down the barriers which many feel prevent them from experiencing the natural world.

The free, inclusive community of women who make up Adventure Queens women’s walking groups do exactly that. And we are so thrilled to announce they will be ACAI’s second Community Partner.


What is Adventure Queens? 

Adventure Queens (AQ) is a not-for-profit women’s adventure community based in the UK.

Founded by Anna McNuff and Emma Frampton in 2017, their mission is to “bring down barriers that prevent women from going on outdoor adventures and help them realise their full potential”.

Run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about OutdoorsingAQ offers women’s walking groups, physical and virtual spaces for women to connect, share practical information, tips and advice and support each other to build skills and confidence.

This free to join online community also has 24 regional women’s outdoor groups around the UK who meet up to have adventures together in everything from walking to wild swimming, alongside three international groups and a mum’s walking group.

 Group photo of the Adventure Queens Community group


What are ACAI Community Partnerships?

ACAI launched its Community Partnerships in the Autumn of 2022. Adventure Queens was one of the first community partnerships ACAI named, supported by the ACAI Outdoorsing Fund; which was created by the brand specifically to support community groups who inspire more women to get outdoors


Why is ACAI partnering with Adventure Queens?

With the shared aim of reaching as many women as possible, ACAI and Adventure Queens are joining forces to showcase each other to their respective communities.

ACAI’s mission is to inspire more women to get outdoors. And we recognise that community groups such as Adventure Queens are key to that mission, supporting women to meet like-minded folk, spend time outdoors, and experience the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that nature offers.

Research tells us that “55% of women don’t want to be outside alone” (Ref: ‘Love Her Wild, Women in the Outdoors’ survey). So investing in women’s walking groups like Adventure Queens is one way ACAI can encourage more women to get outdoors. 

 Adventure Queens community group wearing ACAI


What will the ACAI x Adventure Queens partnership do?

  • Both ACAI and Adventure Queens are aware some women face additional barriers to engaging with the outdoors. Funded by ACAI, Adventure Queens will run a ‘Hills Skills’ course to support 12 women who are not already active outdoors but have the desire to be. The weekend course will provide training and practical knowledge including navigational skills, route planning and safety. The aim is for participants to feel confident to go out walking independently following the course.
  • ACAI’s support will enable Adventure Queens to continue in their work to reach more women around the UK.
  • Both ACAI and AQ communities will see regular updates from each other across their websites and social channels.
  • The Adventure Queens community will support ACAI with insight, knowledge and product development, bringing their wealth of expertise to ACAI so its women’s outdoorwear can be refined and enhanced.


The ACAI x Adventure Queens’ pledge:

ACAI and Adventure Queens are committed to bringing down the barriers that prevent women, from enjoying the outdoors, supporting them to feel confident and informed so they experience the mental and physical benefits of nature.


A word from ACAI’s Founder Kasia...

“My drive in creating ACAI was built from an experience of having my confidence knocked whilst out hiking. I wanted to give women an outdoorwear brand they could turn to not just for functionality and performance, but also for fit and style.

“Arming women, and those who identify as women, with the right clothing to give them confidence in the outdoors is what ACAI is all about. So I can’t wait to see the adventures this partnership with AQ will take us on, together reaching as many women as we can with the message: ‘find your confidence in the outdoors’.”


A word from Adventure Queens’ Community Leaders Nadia and Kate...

“We're really excited to be partnering with ACAI; a brand so closely aligned with our own mission to get more women outdoors. Finding clothing that fits and makes the wearer feel confident is so important to our community and it's great to see a female-led business making such strides in this regard.”


Want to know more?

Discover Adventure Queens at  , and read more about ACAI’s mission to support women in the outdoors here and the inspiration behind our brand here.


ACAI x Adventure Queens Community Partnership launches on 21st November 2022.  In the new year team members from both organisations will meet up to hike into ACAI’s closest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Clwydian Range.


Adventure Queens Top 3 ACAI Outdoorwear Favourites:

  1. Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers - We love these in Autumn and Winter. They’re so nice and warm... and water repellent too!
  2. Outdoor Fleece Hoodie – It’s so comfortable and cosy we didn't want to take it off. Plus it’s great to pull on over base layers for local rambles and dog walks.
  3. Aventurite Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers – When we wore these almost non-stop for a three-week, long-distance hike they saw us through river crossings and over mountain passes... and still looked as good as new at the end!

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