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Denim with a Difference

by Sarah Booth on Jun 09, 2021

Denim with a Difference

Imagine a world where your favourite denim gear ventures outdoors and functions just like your favourite outdoorwear.  

Welcome to ACAI's world of Outdoor Denim!

ISKO Blueskin™ introduces a revolution in 360˚ dynamic stretch denim, which provides superior freedom of movement and a unique 3D shaping that follows and flatters the contours of your body’s silhouette.



Mimicking the traditional look of denim, this innovative fabric has added elasticity, which increases comfort, particularly around problematic areas such as the knee and seat, allowing you to adventure far and wide without restrictions or discomfort.

Add in water resistance for the great British weather, and you have a denim that is fashion focussed and performance driven.




If you’re ready to fuse fashion with functionality, check out our Outdoor Denim Range, which includes The Skinny Outdoor Jeans, The Outdoor Slim Fit Jeans and The Outdoor Denim Shorts.

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