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Women's Hiking Clothes - Designed by Women for Women

by Laura Barlow on Aug 26, 2022

Hiking Clothes Made by Women for Women

We know what it’s like to be turned-off by search results for ‘fashionable hiking outfits’ and ‘stylish walking clothes’. So, back in 2017, our girl gang set about putting a stop to the ‘shrink and pink’ attire on display, in favour of outdoorwear a little more remarkable than redundant.

Embracing the uniqueness and diversity of each and every woman, so that they can celebrate their identities in the outdoors, was always at the core of what ACAI wanted to do. That, and to make hiking gear relatable and accessible. 

Women's Outdoor Clothing

We’re aware we’ve already given you a sample of what a ‘Summer Hiking Outfit’ may look like, but we wanted to drill down further into the quintessence of ACAI. The soul of our women’s outdoor clothing is both practical and functional, at the same time as being desirable.

Outdoor clothing expects to be exposed to the elements, but the aesthetic doesn’t always have to admit that. Performance wear shouldn’t have to be self-promoting either. It should just be fit for purpose.

That being said, here are a few of the basic expectations you should want from your outdoor garments. Expectations you don’t have to worry about when it comes to ACAI.

  • Seasonal - We wanted to create hiking gear that could transition into daywear and workwear, whether you’re travelling or commuting. It should be comfortable and fashionably acceptable, no matter what, when or where! 
  • Snag-Proof - It’s all action in the great outdoors. The twang of a twig, a brush with a bramble bush, or graze against a rock-face can leave your outdoor clothing looking tired and tarnished. Don’t settle for minimal wear. Go for something durable. 
  • Shower Resistant - Deflecting those raindrops and keeping you dry is the least any outdoor item of clothing should do, especially in this country. 
  • Lightweight - Why let clothing weigh you down physically and mentally? Keep it light ladies.


ACAI Hiking Outdoors

What to Wear Hiking?

Honing in on the activity of hiking, ACAI introduced and developed ideas to ensure that hiking clothes were anything but rigid and mundane. Instead, the belief was that all women’s hiking clothes should be adaptable to all aspects of hiking, and all aspects of women. That way, they would become almost irreplaceable, moving forwards. 

  • Four-way stretch - For full flexibility and formidability, four-way stretch was introduced into our products. A fabric which stretches and recovers with just the right amount of springiness and resilience. A fit for females of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Breathable - There’s nothing more irritating than feeling trapped and short of breath, due to the suffocation of your clothing. And nobody likes sweat patches or bodily odours. So, we worked hard to come up with solutions to combat all of the above.
  • ISKO BlueSKIN - A fabric which performs but remains fashion-focused. Minimal shrinkage, 360 degrees of stretch and like a second skin, it offers extra support.

Women's Hiking Clothes


Women's Hiking Clothes

It’s down to us. We’ve set a standard for women’s hiking clothes. We opened the doors to stylish and cool hiking attire and now we’ve got to meet those expectations. It’s a lot of responsibility but we’re more than ready for it.

As the pioneers of the Original Outdoor Skinnies, stylish walking clothes is all we know. We believe we produce some of the best hiking clothes on the market and that it is possible to own a fashionable hiking outfit that is trendy, practical and sustainable.

Hiking Outfit

From top to bottom, we’re going to prove to you that we are the go-to for female hiking outfits. 

We are ACAI, the women’s outdoor clothing brand and we must confess we’re onto a winner with this hiking outfit combo: 

Women’s Outdoor Jacket

Introducing the Performance Full Zip Jacket available in charcoal or black. It’s lightweight, packable and full of performance and style. What’s not to love?

Performance Full Zip Jacket by ACAI

Hiking Shorts for Women

Say hello to our Mid Length Trek Shorts in a deep Khaki green. They’re our best selling trek shorts for a reason, you know?

Hiking Trek Shorts for Women

Hiking Leggings

Here we go, for the win, it’s only our Outdoor Softshell Leggings in Forest Green! Seam free for less chafe - get your stomp on! 

Hiking Leggings in Forest Green

Hiking Socks

Sustainable, breathable, anti-fungal. Our Charcoal Bamboo Hiking Sock is a firm favourite for your feet and the planet.

Sustainable Hiking Socks in Charcoal

What to Take on a Hike

What, other than all of the above? Obviously, there are other things handy to take on a hike, after you've sorted your outfit, of course. 

If you are considering a hike, make sure you’ve got the key components of any hiking kit:

Comfortable backpack
Worn in hiking shoes
Hydration (water bottle)
First aid kit
Nutrition (food supplies)
Navigation (map)
Tools (multi-tool or penknife)
Fire making means

Try not to over pack and only take the essentials. That means leaving behind the likes of valuables, personal effects and make-up. That’s right, ditch the desirables and go rogue!

Hiking Gear by ACAI

Admittedly, we’re on a mission to revolutionise all women’s experiences outdoors. We hope this article goes some way to giving you the insight, confidence and desire you require to channel your inner adventurer. It’s time to stride out into the great outdoors, wearing women's hiking clothes that offer innovation and style without compromising on comfort and performance. 


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