Petite Walking Pants

Petite & Short Leg Walking Trousers

Every pair of legs - from extra tall to short or in between - deserves the freedom of the outdoors and the flattering shapes of our petite walking trousers. The same care and attention is put into every body fit with ACAI trousers and leggings, so our petite range continues to stand tall against all else. We know better than anyone that little legs cover huge ground, so why stop short of performance excellence? Our thicker trousers will keep your legs braced against winter winds and chilly morning dog walks, and our skinny walking trousers combine max stretch and ultimate curve flattering. Leg length never stopped anyone going the distance, especially adventurous women with a taste for the fresh air. Find thermal petite walking trousers to keep you warm or petite walking trousers for summer to keep you cooler and wick sweat away from your body, available in electric teal, classic steel blue, flawless graphite grey, and rich greens at ACAI.