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Rambling from Fangs Brow to Loweswater

by Talitha Palmer Roberts on Dec 13, 2022

Rambling from Fangs Brow to Loweswater

Following on from Walking Werneth Low, as part of our admiration for regional walks, we’re pursuing paths even further afield into the north west. This time we’re shining an ACAI light on the county of Cumbria. Not that it needs it.

Bestowed in beauty, Cumbria (the home of the Lake District) is renowned for its luscious landscapes and cosy staycations. But at its core is a playground for the outdoorsy adventurers amongst us. That’s where we come in.

Lake District Walks

Now, don’t quote us on this but we think there are probably upwards of 150 walks in the Lake District. This includes hikes. What’s the difference? We tried to determine the answer here. Although, it’s still not definitive.

One thing that is clear, however, is that when it comes to Lake District walks, we are well and truly spoilt for choice. Another thing that is abundantly clear is that the Lakes are wet. Don’t let that put you off though. We welcome the wet weather and have a mighty fine selection of cold weather and waterproof clothes to sweeten the experience.

Most Scenic Walks in the Lake District

Scenic walks - lake district - ACAI outdoors

We’re not about to open up this barrel for debate. There are literally too many beautiful scenes to be absorbed in the Lakes. Even then, it’s still subjective. You may wish for woodland walks. Lush lakeside wanders may be your go to. You could well favour the fells. Or maybe it’s mountains that move you. Whatever it is, the Lake District has it.

That’s why (with our friends at Ordnance Survey) we’ve tried to pick a walk which offers at least a little bit of all of the best scenery the Lake District has to offer. And one with gold at the end.

Fangs Brow to Loweswater

Fangs Brow at Cockermouth is our chosen inception. There’s not a great deal here but there is a car park. It makes perfect sense to start here and end in Loweswater because Loweswater has a magical 16th century pub and Fangs Brow, well, doesn’t.

The walk itself should only take around an hour and a half and us just under 5 kilometres. 

  • From Fangs brow you will immediately join the track which is part of the ancient Coffin Road. Not the most inviting road name is it? But it’s pretty cool. History recognises this road as a route coffins were taken along, for a Christian burial, to the abbey at St.Bees. 

  • Continue on the terraced track as it contours around the rim of Burnbank Fell (the most westerly of the Loweswater Fells). Carling Knott will be your next identifiable landmark over in the distance. Notice the ever improving views opening up into the lakeland, as you ascend. 

  • Take in the views of both Loweswater and Crummock Water from Burrells Seat and start your descent down through Holme Wood on the banks of Loweswater lake. If it’s woodland you wanted, here you have it. It’s worth exploring - Holme Force waterfall being a worthwhile attraction. 

  • Stick close to the lakes edge and navigate your way out of the woodlands back onto the path that will guide you on to the country lanes passing by Park Back, Loweswater car park and Kirkgill Wood until you reach Kirkstile Inn (the magical 16th century pub). Enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Mellbreak and a drop of Loweswater Gold, to quench your thirst. We told you there’d be gold at the end!

Loweswater Lake

The Loweswater lake is one of the lesser known and less-frequented lakes of the Lake District. We’re wondering why. It’s smaller, sure. But it’s peaceful. Not to mention beautiful. Nestled away in a wooded valley, it can often be bypassed. But it shouldn’t be. It’s ideal for circular walks - with it being only a mile in length and half a mile wide, you can gain a real sense of satisfaction after completing the loop.

Loweswater Walks

As far as Loweswater walks go, our choice is a pretty straightforward one. Literally. You can’t stray far from the beaten track and both the start and end point are clearly distinguishable on any map.

There are tons more Loweswater walks to try though. Once you've done one, you’ll no doubt want to do more. If you do, you may want to invest in your walking attire, to make your adventures in the Lake District more comfortable and increasingly fashionable!

Outdoor Adventures - ACAI

What to Wear Walking Loweswater

Two things that are synonymous with the Lake District: walking routes and wet weather.

Two things that are synonymous with ACAI: wet weather walking clothes and style. 

Women's Outdoorwear - ACAI

To maximise the comfort on any given Cumbrian walk, it’s important to have practical walking attire. Our women’s outdoor clothing is designed by women for women. We know what's important. Allow us to showcase a selection of the best women’s walking trousers, outdoor tops and other adventure accessories for you to peruse.

Women’s Thermal Walking Trousers

Paying attention to your pins first, we’d like to present to you a women’s walking trouser which is full of performance features and has a cool and contemporary appeal.

Women's Thermal Walking Trousers

Women’s Waterproof Jacket

This ladies lightweight waterproof jacket is the perfect accompaniment to any Lake District adventure. Easy to pack away and pull out in the event of a sudden sway in the weather, it’s made for being on the move.

Women's Waterproof Jacket

Women’s Mid Layer Zip Top

Beautiful isn’t it? This is a mid layer which can be worn with any walking outfit. One that will protect you from the elements without weighing you down.

Women's Mid Layer Zip Top

Women’s Walking Accessories

No doubt you’ll want all of these. Not only because of their functionalities but their all-round cuteness too! These really are essential women’s walking accessories. 

Women’s Walking Socks

If you've never had the pleasure of cocooning your feet in merino wool, we suggest you try it. And never look back.

Women's Walking Socks

Women’s Beanie Hat

If merino wool is good enough for your feet, it’s definitely good enough for your head. Try this cushioned, ribbed-knit beanie for extra warmth and comfort.

Women’s Snood

A super-soft women’s snood for a touch of cosiness whilst out walking. Wear it to match your skinny outdoor thermal trousers and style it out on the mountain tops. 

Women's Snood

Outdoor Adventure Water Bottle

Complete the ACAI outdoorwear look with our evergreen water bottle with insulating skills. 

Adventure Water Bottle

Now you’re fully educated on some of what the Lake District has to offer, as well as the ideal walking outfit and accessories, why not book yourself a staycation in Cumbria and make the most of the walking adventures that await? We look forward to seeing you in your ACAI attire via the pictures you share with us on socials.




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