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World Mental Health Day 2021

by Sarah Booth on Oct 07, 2021

ACAI World Mental Health Day 2021

We are proud to be supporting World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2021. 

Our mission is to inspire women to spend more time outdoors, whether climbing peaks, strolling through parks, spending an evening at the beach, digging in the garden, or getting out for some fresh air to clear the head. We want the outdoors to be a space that can be enjoyed by all.

It is well documented that being outdoors is proven to be an easy, accessible, and free way to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and look after physical and mental health.

ACAI Dr Julie World Mental Health Day 2021

"As most of us spend increasing amounts of time indoors staring at screens, the evidence is stacking up that being outdoors has benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing. Just a few moments in a green space can lift your mood, calm the stress response, and restore attentional control and working memory. The biggest benefits come when we use green space for exercise. So, find a local park with path or trail, wrap up warm and get walking. The research shows that even the sounds of nature enhance its restorative effects, so leave the earphones at home and immerse yourself in nature and then enjoy the benefits.” Dr Julie Smith, Clinical Psychologist.

As part of our ongoing Outdoorsing mission to inspire and encourage more women to embrace the outdoors, we are encouraging everyone to get outside on 10th October and enjoy the fresh air. Share a picture of themselves outdoors tagging @ACAIOutdoorwear and for each tagged image, ACAI will donate £5 to the Mental Health Foundation (Charity number England 801130).

ACAI Kasia

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Kasia shares how the outdoors supports her mental wellbeing and inspired the creation of ACAI.

‘When I am outdoors, I feel I can really be myself, have space to think and reset. I find it incredible how spending even just an hour in nature can change your perspective, especially when dealing with life’s challenges.

When I feel like I am struggling to cope, outdoorsing is my saviour, and it has been for many years. I used the outdoors in the darkest of times, when I didn’t know how to explain what I was feeling or who to talk to. It was soon after the birth of my first son. I didn’t experience the bliss of a baby bubble, I felt anxiety, stress and frustration. I didn’t feel happy, and that turned into an immense feeling of guilt, because how could I feel unhappy when I was so incredibly lucky to have this beautiful healthy baby boy?

I started getting myself out for walks and runs, which quickly became my daily routine, and something I simply needed to get through each day. My thoughts became clearer, and it all started to make more sense.

Being surrounded by nature helped me figure out how to communicate my feelings and seek further help. I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. Spending time outdoors was therapeutic and a big part of my healing.

This positive relationship with the outdoors has largely inspired what ACAI is today. My mission became to empower women to embrace the outdoors and enjoy the mental wellbeing benefits it brings, no matter what struggles they are going through. 

To this day, I go outdoorsing to simply feel good, spend time with my family and to instil the love of nature in our boys.’  

ACAI Kasia and sons World Mental Health Day 2021We believe women should have garments which make them feel great, whose functionality allows them to explore and not hold them back and give them confidence in the outdoors.


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