About Us

We put women first in the Outdoors.

We are on a mission to revolutionise all women’s experience outdoors.

As the home of women’s outdoorwear - including the Original Outdoor Skinnies made by women for women - we put performance and style first as we strive towards a sustainable future for gear we hope you’ll love forever.

For too long, women’s outdoorwear has been limited by a ‘shrink and pink’ mentality which sees us pigeon-holed into a cookie-cutter narrative of who outdoorswomen are and what we want from our adventures.

Instead, ACAI encourages you to embrace your individuality, strength and uniqueness. We have a passion for stylish and functional outdoorwear, which is matched only by our love for the outdoors.

We believe style shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying Mother Nature’s playground; we believe in gear which supports you in achieving whatever challenges you decide to set. We are setting a new precedent: Gone are the days when style has to be sacrificed for function.

We paved the way with The Original Skinny Outdoor Trousers.

Made using water repellent softshell material with freedom of movement, they stretch when you stretch, breathe when you breathe and offer a figure-flattering solution designed with every outdoorswoman in mind.

ACAI pledges to offer innovation and style without compromising on comfort or performance, allowing you to focus on doing what you love the most.

Go explore!

Women First


Style and Performance


We are sustainable

Our love for the outdoors inspires us to do better by Mother Nature.

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