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Cold Weather Clothes for Cosy Winter Walks

by Laura Barlow on Nov 22, 2022

Cold Weather Clothes - Winter Walks

It’s November. Christmas is around the corner (as is the cold weather). Therefore, there’s only one thing to do: ask for new cold weather clothes from Santa. Although, Christmas could come early, if you wanted to treat yourself sooner.

Seasonally, winter is a wonderful time of year for hiking and walking and with the correct cold weather attire, it’s even more enjoyable.

Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes.

Winter Walks

Fellow winter walk enthusiasts will endear you with tales as to why winter is a magical time of year to head out for a wander. They may argue how the shorter days are advantageous when it comes to admiring the sunrise or sunset, or how frost is a goddess when it comes to enhancing the beauty of nature, and we'd have to agree.

Winter has a way of mesmerising us and winter walks bring a different sort of appreciation. Ever-changing weather systems bring low sunlight and overcast skies which can transform the landscapes we’re so familiar with. Leafless trees invite new views and a lack of activity summons a silence and stillness that is hard to replicate at any other time of year.

What’s more is the colossal amounts of food and drink consumed over the Christmas and New Year period can leave us feeling plump. Combine that with the amount of time we spend stuck indoors, there’s often a nagging requirement to get outdoors and enjoy winter walks. And you should.

Winter Walking & Hiking

Winter Walking & Hiking Clothes

We understand that in winter it can be difficult to find a way out from under the duvet. Dragging yourself outdoors into unpredictable weather conditions and plummeting temperatures isn’t always the most inviting prospect, but good for you if you can find the enthusiasm to go winter walking. We know it’ll be well worth it.

Walks in winter are appealing to wildlife lovers, in particular, as birds can be easier to spot due to the lack of foliage. There are also many species of bird which migrate to the UK for winter such as redwings, bramblings, and some types of swans. Take woodland walks or canal walks to improve your twitcher chances! 

Winter hikes may seem more menacing as extreme weather can play its part but beyond that there’s always the promise of a snug pub with an open fire. Bear that in mind, when any self-doubt or negativity creeps in.

Cold Weather Clothes

Cold Weather Women's Clothes

What are cold weather clothes, exactly? You may be inclined to think of chunky knitwear and frumpy fleeces and you’d be right to do so, if you’re indoors and looking for optimal cosiness, that is.

On the contrary, women's winter outdoor clothing requires much more thought and functionality. Thankfully, the masterminds at ACAI have already put in the metaphorical miles and produced the kind of cold weather clothing that’s proven to perform.

The Best Cold Weather Clothing for Outdoor Adventures

To determine what makes the best cold weather clothing for outdoor adventures, you ought to consider garments that are waterproof and attire that will keep you warm, for sure. However, features such as the fit, overall comfort and aspects of performance enhancing design should also come into play, (along with style of course)!

Women’s Waterproof Jacket

Here we have a ladies lightweight waterproof jacket that refuses to compromise on style or performance. You could say we went to extra lengths to ensure its waterproof ability with taped seams, covered hems, a storm flap and a chin guard - but, for us, when we say waterproof, we like to back it up.

The Waterproof Multiway Jacket

Women's Waterproof Jacket

Women's Waterproof Jacket

Women’s Fleece

For a fleece made to last in the outdoors, look no further than this snuggly-hooded beauty! A waterproof membrane weaved beneath the exterior prevents becoming sodden in light showers and an insulated lining adds a layer of warmth. Pop the hood up and saunter on safe in the knowledge that this woman's fleece is working as hard as you are.

The Outdoor Fleece Hoodie

Women's Outdoor Fleece Hoodie

Women's Outdoor Fleece Hoodie Zip Pocket

Thermal Clothes for Winter Walks

If you’re unfamiliar with thermals, head over to our ‘All Things Thermal’ blog, for a closer insight into thermal clothes and our women’s thermal clothing range.

Thermal clothes are designed with the sole purpose of keeping you warm. They do this by acting as a secondary layer of skin, helping you to retain your body’s heat. Such garments can sometimes be referred to as a base layer.

Women’s Thermal Base Layers

We’re firm believers that women’s thermal base layers should be considerate of the female form and reactive to a busy lifestyle, especially an outdoorsy one. Therefore, flexibility and comfort, alongside durability and style, were top of the priorities when designing our women’s thermal base layer collection.

Women’s Thermal Leggings

Our women’s thermal leggings are designed to dry extremely quickly, allowing for a swift turnaround after washing and a non-irritable experience when adventuring. Secure zip pockets make being on the move easier for your essentials too. Also, whilst you may choose to wear them underneath your outdoor trousers, they remain stylish enough to stay on show when worn on their own.

Thermal Outdoor Leggings

Women's Thermal Outdoor Leggings

Women's Thermal Outdoor Leggings Zip Pocket

Women’s Thermal Base Layer Tops

Made by women for women, this thermal base layer top is optimised for chilly winter walks and developed using the latest fabric technology. Whilst it may not look like it, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Performance features have been embedded throughout this thermal top to ensure maximum comfort and warmth.

Thermal Seamless Base Layer Top

Women's Thermal Base Layer Top

Women's Thermal Base Layer Top - Breathable

Women’s Hiking Socks

How could we forget the tootsies? We all know how crucial footwear can be for hiking in the cold but without the socks to match, you’re opening yourself up to a foot-sore frenzy! Help yourself to a pair of our merino wool hiking socks, designed with the rigour of outdoor adventures and staying warm in mind. 


Bamboo Hiking Socks

Merino wool Hiking Sock

Women’s Beanie Hat

Is our women’s beanie better than your average beanie? Yes. Why? Merino wool, mainly. Merino wool is super soft and stupidly warm. The fleece lined layer makes our beanie thick yet sleek enough to be stowed away in your pocket if you get too warm.

Merino Wool Beanie

Women's Merino Wool Beanie

Women’s Gloves  

From your feet to your head and through your fingertips, heat will escape you. Having covered two out of the three, here’s our third and final solution to staying warm on winter walks. What’s more is that these gloves are designed with the outdoors in mind and include practical features like silicon grip and index and thumb touch pads so you can still access your phone.

Outdoor Performance Gloves

Women's Outdoor Gloves

Now you’re fully briefed about what to wear to keep you warm, as well as some incentives about how magical winter walks can be, all we’ll say is no matter the weather, if the mood takes you, keep on walking. 

Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes.

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