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The Outdoorsing Club Leaders: Grace Kelly

by Jessica Hawley on Dec 12, 2022

The Outdoorsing Club Leaders: Grace Kelly

Inspiring more women to get outdoors for adventures in nature is central to the ACAI Outdoorsing mission.  

We choose our Outdoorsing Club leaders because they share this passion with us, and our latest to divulge her love of the outdoors is Grace Kelly of @graces_adventures. 

From women’s solo travelling to long distance hiking, Grace has made a name for herself in the women’s outdoor space where she does all she can to give women the confidence and knowledge to have their own adventures.  

Check out our Outdoorsing Club page to see Grace’s ACAI adventure in the Brecon Beacons. 

And have a read below to learn more about this inspirational adventurer... 

Tell us about yourself...  

 “I do a lot of solo travel and adventures. Recent highlights have included challenges such as the Welsh Three Peaks, and long distance hikes, like a 4000m+ mountain walk in Morocco."

“I’m now a full time content creator across Instagram and YouTube, sharing my passion for the outdoors with as many people as I can reach.” 

What did you do before you became a full-time Adventurer? 

“I worked for three years in Marketing as a Social Media and Content Manager which definitely gave me insight into all things content-related and fuelled my existing interest in social media.  

“I learned the basics which I now put to use in my own content across both YouTube and Instagram. I then worked for three years as an Executive Assistant, and due to the flexible nature of the role, it allowed me to spend a lot more time outdoors and work from remote locations, which gave me the freedom to travel around the UK and abroad.” 

What challenges have you experienced as a solo traveller? 

“The main challenge is having to problem-solve on my own on the odd occasion I find myself in a sticky situation. Whether that’s being lost up on a mountain or crashing a van in Iceland, I’ve had moments where I’ve had to work out a resolution myself instead of counting on anyone else. I’ve found those times to be really character building and they’ve given me confidence in my own capabilities.  

“Also the safety element is a challenge, ensuring I don’t give away my specific location when I’m travelling solo is a top priority to ensure I feel safe when travelling or adventuring on my own.” 

Is there anything you do to build Outdoorsing into your everyday routine 

“I aim to start every single day when I’m home with a 2-4 mile walk around my local woods or country lanes, usually with a podcast or audiobook playing. I find it to be the best start to my day, and I have some of my most creative and inspired thoughts and ideas on these morning walks. I also love the sense of achievement with getting my 10,000 steps in before 9am!” 

What’s your ultimate bucket list adventure and why? 

“Canada is my dream location. I would love to get a campervan and tour some of the National Parks throughout Canada over Summer and Autumn to truly experience the nature there. One day I’ll get there…” 

What five items are you never without when adventuring? 

  1. A Power Bank - for safety first, but also for photos/videos. 
  1. A Water Bladder - it helps me keep hydrated more than having to take my backpack off and get a bottle out. 
  1. Gloves and a Hat – even on nicer days, when you’re up high it can get chillier and windier so I always have them packed. 
  1. A Headtorch – especially in winter, the dark closes in early and I make sure it’s always in my bag. 
  1. Snacks snacks snacks! 

To try out Grace's route, head to our Outdoorsing Club page. And why not follow Grace on her Instagram and YouTube pages for tops tips to make the most of your time in the outdoors? 

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