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Exercise, Nature, Mental Health & ACAI’s Outdoor Clothing - @wanderlust_with_lou

by Joel Peart on Feb 10, 2023

Exercise, Nature, Mental Health & ACAI’s Outdoor Clothing - @wanderlust_with_lou

Every 90’s girl and 00’s girl probably knows that quote from the Hannah Montana movie and it turns out it couldn’t be more true. 

Now, unbeknown to Miley, the views in the UK aren’t always guaranteed but that doesn’t mean the climb isn’t worth it. Personally, I find it’s the climb that is the most rewarding part. 

Exercise & Mental Health

Mental health and exercise in the outdoors is something I find goes hand in hand. 

It’s when you are climbing from the lows in life that you can discover how much you can grow as a person. 

The outdoors has been such a beacon of hope for me especially in recent years with numerous lockdowns and the pandemic. 

Nature Therapy

Reconnecting with nature has given me such a positive outlook on life and I have found the health benefits of being outdoors has really helped my mindset overcome thoughts that don’t serve me.

Nature & Mental Health

It’s so easy to compare ourselves in this modern Instagram and Tik-Tok obsessed world but what I’ve found is that going on adventures and connecting with nature and with others who are like minded and who encourage you to be authentically you is the best way to spend your time. It is proven that even twenty minutes outdoors can boost serotonin levels; something I think everyone’s mental health can benefit from. 

Benefits of Outdoor Activities

Although I have always loved the outdoors and grew up camping and hill walking, it was the lockdown in 2020 that really reconnected me to the outdoors and acted as a catalyst for changing my habits into healthier ones. Both mentally and physically the outdoors has changed my life. 

I began getting into fitness and, due to a lot of walking,  I actually lost a fair bit of weight. Fast forward a few years and I have found that hiking, climbing, exploring the outdoors and giving time to your passions has really helped my mindset and helped to quieten the intrusive thoughts surrounding body dysmorphia. 

How to Feel Comfortable with Your Body

Mental Health in the Outdoors

Growing up never really feeling good in my clothes and always labelling myself as an “Autumn body” covering up with layers and not appreciating what my body would do for me everyday was my way of thinking. 

Now I look back and want to give that younger version of myself a hug. I am finally at a place where I love my body and appreciate it every day for what it does for me. It allows me to follow my passions, hike up mountains and abseil of quarries in the Scottish highlands

I’ve found that to get to where you want to be you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Everything you want for your life usually is on the other side of your comfort zone. However, the one thing you should not sacrifice your comfort on is your clothing and how the right outdoor gear can not only aid your adventures but make you feel amazing in the outdoors. 

Outdoor Clothing

ACAI is that very brand. Recently, I participated in a winter warrior weekend in Glencoe in the Scottish highlands. 

Now, winter in the Scottish mountains is a different kind of beast. I was so grateful for the thermal fleece lining on the outdoor thermal skinny trousers. Not only did they keep me warm and cosy in the snow but the durability of these outdoor trousers and their showerproof layering was super beneficial for the activities we participated in. 

Nature, outdoors & exercise with ACAI

They allowed me to abseil, hike, rock climb and were the perfect piece of clothing to put on after my cold water dip. Having a pair of these outdoor trousers really made me feel amazing in the highlands and made me live my Lara Croft dreams. If my teenage self could see me nowshe would be proud. 

Women's Winter Clothes

Made sustainably BY women FOR women, I’ve found the thermal skinny outdoor trousers are perfect for winter adventures and so flattering (what a bonus). 

ACAI is not only a sustainable brand but they build themselves on values that I really stand with. The thermal outdoor skinny trousers I am wearing here are fleece lined to keep you cosy in the Scottish mountains, the water repellent outer layer is essential for Scottish mountain days and the durable and soft shell fabric not only helps with your outdoor activities but allows you to feel good whilst being outdoors. Moreover, the 4 way stretch fit and insulating material really does the job.  

The outdoors really is the best place for the human mind and your mental health. Wearing flattering and comfortable clothing that allows you to pursue your passions and hobbies is a winning combination. 

Exercise Outdoors - ACAI

The stretchy soft shell fabric is amazing for outdoorsy women of all shapes and sizes. The mountains don’t care what size you are and ACAI certainly knows how to cater for all outdoorsy women and help them feel good in what they wear with their attention to detail. 

The outdoors really can be the best place to heal your mind and to push you out of your comfort zone but ACAI knows how to make you feel good. The thermal skinnies are a winner in my eyes for your winter adventures. So grab yourself a pair, head to the mountains and go explore the great outdoors. You never know, you might find exactly what you’re looking for during that first climb…and if the view isn’t great you’ll make it a great view in your flattering ACAI outdoor gear. 

Happy adventuring!



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