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by Laura Barlow on Jan 25, 2023


Leggings are a lifeline, when it comes to comfort and versatility. Modern and innovative materials make them snug and functional while their wide acceptance in society’s fashion environments make them the number one legwear choice for women. 

Off the back of their success with Skinny Outdoor Jeans & Thermal Trousers, the innovative minds at ACAI began developing a range of legging alternatives that carried the same iconic style and favourable functionalities customers had grown to love. 

Women’s Leggings

Women's Leggings - Outdoorwear ACAI

Women’s leggings have remained popular throughout the years - a difficult feat in an ever-trending industry. Yet, ladies simply refuse to allow their admiration for the multipurpose legwear to waver and when it comes to ACAI outdoor leggings, there’s plenty of reasons as to why. 

Designed by women for women, ACAI weaves female thought and identity into the very fabric of each of its creations. The outdoor leggings are no different. By considering the expectation and performance of its legwear, ACAI develops garments with both rigour and splendour.

Through a passion for the outdoors, a penchant for fashion and a pursuit of practicality, ACAI are proud to present women’s leggings that suit modern day women and their lifestyles. Catering for a women’s individuality and identity has alway (and always will be) high on the ACAI agenda. 

Best Leggings for Women

Squat-proof Women's Leggings - Outdoorwear ACAI

The best leggings for women are 100% squat-proof ones you can slip into at speed knowing that any woes or worries of ill-fitting, restrictive, fashion faux pas can be quickly forgotten.  

Leggings should give women the confidence to stride out of the house, no matter where or what their agenda is, in a clothing that looks, feels and fits its purpose. That’s why ACAI spends a considerable amount of energy on its key pillars for success: style, fit & functionality. 

  • Style: The majority of us are style conscious. That may not necessarily mean we follow the latest fashion trends but, as individuals, we want to express elements of our persona through the clothes we wear and our appearance. That’s why ACAI experimented tirelessly with various fabrics (including non-shiny matt finishes), colours and design details, to appeal to women’s wants and needs. 

    Stylish Women's Leggings - Fashionable Leggings
  • Fit: We’re all different. Our bodies are our own. Our contours, silhouettes and shapes are unique. Standardised sizes and fits don’t always agree with us, so ACAI endeavours to make leggings comfortable, flexible and supportive for all. One innovative way this is achieved is through six point leg shaping which goes above and beyond the industry standard of three. 

    Women's Leggings - Fit for Purpose
  • Functionality: Whether you’re a dog walker, a walk to work commuter or outdoor adventurer, ACAI are aware that outdoor leggings should be adaptable and functional for all purposes. Make sure you check out the features of each product in the description section. 

    Women's Outdoor Leggings - Performance & Functionality

Best Walking Leggings

Ladies, the best leggings for walking are not your gym leggings! When it comes to leggings for outdoor activities, ACAI have researched and implemented a multitude of features into their leggings to respond to the challenges of outdoors. Take the Outdoor Softshell Leggings, for instance…

  • Moisture Wicking: The intelligent and lightweight material draws the sweat away from the legs immediately, so that you never feel any unwanted moisture. The fabric is also super breathable too. Together, these features help to regulate your temperature and keep you on track.

  • Shower Resistant: Smart properties in material will help to keep you dry during light drizzle and rainfall. On top of this, ACAI leggings are also extremely quick-drying, again aiding tour comfort as well as peace of mind that they won’t be too damp when you pack them away. 

Women's Outdoor Leggings

  • Four-way Stretch: A durable nylon material maximises movement and makes sure there are zero restrictions. Stretchy soft shell fabric and a seam free inner further reduces chafe and enhances comfort. Support comes in the form of the superior fit and flattering wraparound waistband with drawcord to keep the leggings in place and secure. 

  • Snagproof: Have confidence no matter what terrain you are taking your leggings into. The robust material deflects against branches and rock faces to keep your leggings looking like new. The secure zipped pocket also allows you to manoeuvre your way at speed any which way you wish without the fear of losing your personal belongings.

Thermal Hiking Leggings

Due to the nature of most leggings being made from a thin and lightweight material, they’re often not the best when it comes to retaining heat. ACAI felt that the cold shouldn’t determine your appetite for the outdoors. Ultimately declaring that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and comfort for performance. 

As a result, the women’s outdoor thermal leggings range evolved, offering a warmer, winter legging capable of keeping your legs toasty in chilly conditions. Yes, they still host all of the high-quality performance features found in our soft shell leggings, plus a few more! 

Women's Thermal Leggings

A thermal yarn helps insulate the interior whilst moisture wicking technology once again does away with sweat when you warm up, keeping the shivers at bay when you cool down. 

An alternative to the thermal leggings are these thermal base layer tights. Still packed full of the functional features you’d expect from ACAI but engineered by ergonomic design and NILIT heat fabric technology to further improve performance. 

Thermal Base Layer Tights

As you can see, ACAI leggings are versatile and understand what women want from outdoor leggings. They’re enhanced by performance and style features to make them acceptable in the workplace or on an adventure. 

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  • Ellen Morris
    May 19, 2023 at 07:40

    Could you tell me what the legging are like at the ankle? are they straight cut?do they have a elastic cuff? or zipped.
    All the pictures the models are wearing socks over the ankles so you can’t see the cut of the bottom of the leggings.
    Many thanks


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