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Kasia reflects on 2023 and shares goals for 2024

by Talitha Palmer Roberts on Dec 21, 2023

Kasia reflects on 2023 and shares goals for 2024

Kasia Bromley, ACAI co-founder and creative director, reflects on everything the brand has achieved in the past twelve months and shares her ambitions for ACAI going into 2024. 


2023 Key Achievements

  • Over the year, ACAI encouraged 70k women to get Outdoorsing
  • 25k positive product reviews from women delighted with their garments means the world to us
  • We’ve also attracted amazing reviews from press including being awarded Best Jacket for the Showerproof popover by Women’s Running magazine
  • True to our mission to inspire more women to spend time outdoors, ACAI organised and hosted 30 free hiking events across the UK. All hosted by qualified outdoor leaders, with some 500 women attending
  • The Outdoorsing Fund supported 40k women to get outdoors through women’s outdoor community groups
  • We raised further funds for the ACAI Outdoorsing Fund over the Green Friday weekend. The aim of the fund is to break down barriers women face to getting outdoors. Research found they are principally lacking confidence and wanting someone to go with
  • The product range has grown significantly in 2023, offering greater choice across styles and seasons head to toe. The most popular launches being the Atlas Pants and Altitude Leggings.
  • The ACAI team came 5th in the Youth Adventure Trust’s Hike Bike Paddle challenge, and 1st place for the mountain bike element of the race, raising £2k for the charity in the process
  • ACAI’s growth has been recognised by both FEBE 100 Growth and LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Leaders


Ambitions for 2024

  • Raise more for the Outdoorsing Fund to support more women’s outdoor community groups
  • Host over 500 women at Outdoorsing Club events over the course of the year
  • Create opportunities for women to try ACAI pieces nationwide and throughout the year. We know some people prefer to feel the fabrics and try on before they buy
  • We are focused on increasing the volume of recycled yarn and more planet friendly fibres to ACAI products and range
  • Our goal is to increase the transparency through our supply chain and the carbon impact of ACAI garments
  • Extend the sizing range further to cater for more women and body shapes
  • There are many innovative new styles launching throughout the year. We want these to continue to enhance women’s confidence outdoors by supporting them to feel great and know their kit will perform.



  • Pam Whyte
    Jan 02, 2024 at 07:53

    I have 3 pairs of extra
    Small trousers which I very rarely wear as they are a tiny bit too big and go saggy at the bum and knees ect. I bought one pair direct and two pairs second hand it’s a shame as I like them but a smaller extra small would be much better.


  • Alice Ritchie
    Jan 01, 2024 at 18:18

    Have always loved acai trousers. They are a game changer for outdoorsy people. Please extend your petite range with smaller sizes for 2024


  • Linda Jakeman
    Jan 01, 2024 at 12:01

    I love your brand and what it stands for. I have several items of clothing now for tall women and find them all stylish and fit to perfection. I would love you to do your leggings in the longer leg as I find it difficult to find quality, feminine ones in my leg length and yours look amazing. Happy New Year and continue your great work, I’ll be supporting you


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