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Summer Dog Walking Guide

by Talitha Palmer Roberts on Jul 18, 2023

Summer Dog Walking Guide

Stride out this Summer with stylish dog walking essentials from ACAI, Pooch & Mutt and Cocopup; three brands on a mission to transform your experience in the outdoors.

That’s right, here at ACAI Outdoorwear we’ve teamed up with two canine companies to create the ultimate list of Summer walking essentials for women and their dogs. The best stretch walking trousers, the ultimate dog walking bag and healthy hiking food for hounds. Think ACAI’s 101 (Dalmatians) on your dog walking wardrobe for the warmer months!

So read on for the best women’s outdoor clothing and dog walking accessories... plus two exclusive discounts.


What do you need for a Summer dog walk?

Get these three things right, and your Summer dog walks will turn from a daily chore to the favourite part of your day; kitting you and your pet out to be supported and stylish:

  1. The right clothing – all outdoorwear from ACAI is made to be practical and stylish, meaning our women’s walking clothes come highly reviewed for dog walking wear. Whether it’s your daily dog walk or a thrilling new hike with your hound, what you’re wearing needs to be fit for purpose; protect against the elements, keep you cool or warm, fit well and allow freedom of movement. Scroll down for our new pet hair resistant outdoor leggings!
  2. Healthy pet food – just like you, your dog needs the right fuel in its body to be healthy and happy. The expert team behind Pooch & Mutt create healthy pet food through natural meals, treats and supplements. Each doggy dish uses the best ingredients to boost your pet’s mood, behaviour and physical health. And what’s more, dogs love the taste of it! So be sure to pack Pooch & Mutt treats and picnic pouches when off on your Summer walkies.
  3. Practical accessories – like us, Cocopup is on a mission to inspire women to get outside, with stylish dog wear and accessories which perform – think ACAI but for your pooch! Little wonder that Cocopup’s dog walking kits for pets and their owners are so highly reviewed by its customers. With everything you need to hydrate and feed your dog on the go, plus a nifty poop bag pouch, Cocopup has nailed the ‘stylish and practical’ brief and we think their bags are a dog walking must-have. 

Two women sat with a dog wearing ACAI Summer hiking clothes

What to wear for a Summer dog walk?       

Dog walking in the Summer needs a different set of wardrobe considerations to the cooler months. Our recommendation would be to ensure your outdoor clothing ticks three boxes:

Lightweight – think light layers that can be put on or taken off for the best Summer hiking clothes.

Waterproof – wear or pack an outer layer that will protect you from Summer showers when choosing your women’s hiking clothes.

Movement – fit is really important when dog walking so you can bend, stretch and keep up with your furry friend. 

What are the best women’s walking leggings?

We reckon we’ve got the best new leggings on the market to tick every box for Summer dog walking... the On The Go Leggings. Why? Let us enlighten you:

  1. Pet hair resistant – that’s right; these affordable hiking leggings are made from a fabric which is resistant to pet hair, so perfect for dog walking.
  2. Protection – the material of the On The Go leggings offers protection from UV rays and insect bites; just what’s needed for Summer outdoorwear.
  3. Stretch – the four-way stretch fabric has been designed by our team to give the wearer total freedom of movement. Ideal for hopping over stiles!
  4. Squat proof – that’s right, you can bend over to pick up your dog’s toy or put on their lead and your leggings will move with you.
  5. Anti-slip waistband – the super comfy fit around the waist is anti-slip for seamless wear that hugs your figure.
  6. Low cost luxury – coming in under £50 these affordable women’s walking leggings are designed to be a premium product that doesn’t cost the earth. Because we want to encourage more women, whatever their budget, to get outdoors and experience nature.

Oh and did we mentioned the On The Go Leggings come in four different colours and two different leg lengths? 

What are the best layers to wear for dog walking? 

For Summer dog walking it’s best to keep your outfit lightweight and layered so you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

We recommend a Breathe Tee which, as its name suggests, is breathable thanks to the perforation in the material. Plus the lack of seams means there’s no risk of chafe and the antibacterial properties help manage odour – great for sunny days and sweaty walks.

Add our just-launched Freedom Midlayer which complement the new On The Go Leggings. This buttery soft, stretchy zipped top has a high funnel neck and moisture wicking fabric. 

Woman walking down country path wearing Teal On The Go Leggings and Freedom mid layer top

What coat should you wear for Summer dog walking?

With its light wind protection and super breathable design the Showerproof Popover is great for women’s Summer walking wear. Plus it packs neatly into its pocket so fab to keep in your backpack for a coat-on-the-go.

Woman kneeling next to her Dog on the beach wearing Charcoal Showerproof popover

Looking for something with a bit more weather protection? How about ACAI’s Waterproof Multiway Jacket? We don’t like to boast, but it was named by The Independent as one of the ‘Best Dog Walking Coats for Women’ – championed by the reviewer for its “adaptability”.

Cocopup bag, phone cases surrounded dog biscuits  

What are the best dog walking accessories?

So now you’re kitted out, you’ll need something useful for carrying all your dog’s walking items, and here at ACAI we can’t get enough of Cocopup’s super stylish ‘Everything’ bag.

With this ultimate dog walking bag bundle, you’ll get the trendy bag with its built-in poop bag dispenser; a treat pouch; strap; a CocoPOOP pocket (which means you can carry your dog’s waste hands free!); and a water bottle clip.

Features include the bag’s water resistant and easy to clean material, and both inner and outer zipped compartments.

All in all a great value option for your dog walking accessories, and a superb gift for a pooch-loving friend!

 Water being poured into a foldable water bowl for a dog Folded dog bowl bag

What kit do you need for a dog walk?

Be prepared with these three essential dog walking items:

  1. Planet Friendly Poo Bags- these 100% leak proof poo bags fit ideally into your Cocopup bag. They have easy tie handles, and are made from 75% recycled materials and 25% natural oyster shell waste. Read more about why these are among the most eco friendly poo bags for your dog on Pooch & Mutt’s website.
  2. Foldable Travel Bowlfor feeding and hydrating your hound on the go, these compact bowls from Cocopup fold up easily to take out on your walk. The handy karabiner means you can clip the bowl to your bag or belt, or simply pop it in your coat pocket.
  3. Collapsible Water Bottle - say goodbye to the struggle of fitting your bottles in your bag, and hello to the Black Collapsible Water Bottle from Cocopup. This new bottle folds down to a compact size meaning you can fill up and rehydrate both you and your pup no matter where you are. Holding up to 500ml, it’s BPA free and has an airtight seal to prevent against leaks.

Sausage dog sniffing Smoking BBQ Burger flavour dog treats styled next to a burger in a bun

What is the best dog food to take on a hike?

Pooch & Mutt are the experts on healthy dog treats and canine catering! So here at ACAI we asked them to recommend their best dog food for hiking:

  1. Smokin' BBQ Burgers Beef Jerky – these 90% beef treats are an ideal high value reward when out walking. They’re hypoallergenic and puppy friendly from eight weeks.
  2. Probiotic Meaty Treats – the perfect treat for dogs on the go, Pooch & Mutt tell us they can be fed to all breeds from 12 weeks old. They contain probiotics for healthy digestion and come in a choice of flavours: Shrimp & Coconut, Turkey & Hemp and Duck & Rosemary.
  3. Grain-free wet food pouches take a hiking picnic for your pet with these hypoallergenic dog food pouches in five different flavours and with all fresh, natural ingredients. Plus the packaging is 100% recyclable.


Feel inspired to up your dog walking game?! Our friends at Pooch & Mutt and Cocopup are offering ACAI customers exclusive discounts to give their products a try.

Pooch & Mutt

Head to Pooch & Mutt and use code ACAI3023 for an exclusive discount!

Terms: One use per customer, excluding subscription orders
Dates: 17th July - 31st August, 2023


Get a whopping 35% off your total order at Cocopup using code ACAI35!

Terms: Expires 31st August, 2023 and excludes Syd and Co products

If you’re looking to get outdoors with your dog this Summer why not have a read of the Cocopup and Pooch & Mutt dog blogs? There’s a great Cocopup article on keeping your dog cool in Summer, and Pooch & Mutt has helpful information including common health conditions, and even The Most Dog Friendly Places in the UK.



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