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National Allotment Week with The Heritage Organic Seed Company

by Joel Peart on Aug 09, 2022

National Allotment Week with ACAI

Growing your own food is a great activity to get you outside and into the fresh air and the best bit is that you really don’t need to have the proverbial ‘green thumb’, it is accessible to all ages and abilities and contrary to popular belief you don’t even need a lot of outdoor space or any fancy equipment! 

How to get started

Growing from seed is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get started. With a packet of seeds, some compost (preferably peat free) and a couple of pots, you are good to go! A pot can be as simple as an old yoghurt pot or the bottom of a milk bottle or carton with some drainage holes in the bottom, it really doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive.

Potting Plants with CAI - National Allotment Week

The general rule is to sow to a depth of two to three times the diameter of the seed. A greenhouse really isn’t necessary, just place your pots on a bright window ledge, make sure the compost remains moist and wait for the magic to happen! 

You can expect your seeds to sprout in anything from a couple of days for salad seeds to a couple of weeks for something like parsley. It is really incredibly exciting when it happens and you see your little plant babies for the first time!

Once your seedlings have two or three sets of leaves you should pot them on into their own pots so that they have the space to grow into healthy plants.

Much like us humans the basic needs of a seedling are warmth, a little drink and plenty of nutrients. It really is that simple…there really are no special super powers or ‘green thumbs’ required!

What should I grow?

You get an immense feeling of achievement when you eat something you grew yourself. It is so satisfying to know that your homegrown produce has zero food miles and that you know exactly how it was grown. You really don’t need a big garden or allotment to grow food either – you will be amazed at how much you can grow from just a few containers.

If you are new to growing your own then salads are the ideal place to start. They are super quick to grow and during the warmer months you can expect harvests within weeks. Oriental style salad leaves like Mizuna, Chinese Mustards and Pak Choi are also great choices for growing in our cooler months and many have a lovely peppery flavour that will really help to liven up a dish!

What Should you Grow? National Allotment Week with ACAI

Chillies, tomatoes, herbs and salads all lend themselves really well to container growing and even carrots can do surprisingly well when grown in a bucket! You can also grow upwards.  Climbing beans and outdoor cucumber varieties are perfect for vertical gardening and you can even add herbs and salads to the same pot to maximise your growing space.

If you have a large kitchen garden or allotment then your options are endless. Squashes are popular as they sprawl across the ground, help to keep the weeds at bay and reward you with some lovely harvests that you can store and use during the cold winter months. They are incredibly easy to grow and other than food and water they don’t need too much attention.

So are you ready to have a go at growing your own? If you have any questions or need any advice you can find us on our website or Instagram

Happy Sowing!

Grow Your Own with ACAI

If the idea of growing your own food in the garden has got your green fingers itching, the only thing you need now is some outdoor attire so that you can become the master of the marrow.

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