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Women's Camping Clothes

by Joel Peart on Aug 10, 2022

Camping Clothes by ACAI

Camping clothes are not a category that celebrate consistency or conformity. Not yet, anyway. Instead, they tend to be a collection of tired items sacrificed by an individual surrendering to the smell of campfire smoke and smudges of tomato sauce.

While some of us have a concealed compartment assigned only to camping clothes, (a dedicated drawer where the garments will not see the light of day unless it’s in a faraway field), others assemble camping clothes from wherever they can: the great auntie and her oversized, knitted hand-me-downs; the cobbled together camouflage kit leftover from a spell in the cadets, or an unidentified, unclaimed anorak hung in the understairs cupboard. Whereas a more stylish connoisseur will come to ACAI for their camping clothes.

What to Wear Camping

Deciding what to wear for camping can quickly become a contest between personality and practicality. Factors such as the type of camping, location and weather should all be taken into account, as should style. Always style.

Camping Clothes - ACAI

Style & Substance 

It could be that your camping spot has a country pub within walking distance. All of a sudden, you go from slouching around at camp to hiking over hills, ending up in a posy pub. Is there an attire to cater for all? At ACAI, there is.

Weather Warning

Where climate conditions are unpredictable, overpacking is natural. However, rather than an abundance of moisture absorbent, ill-fitting attire, would you rather not have practical, stylish and weather-proof solutions for all seasons? With ACAI, you can.

Familiar Facilities 

Camping and campsites have evolved. Glamping offers favourable home comfort conditions where your clothes can be free from the perils of camping. But what if an adventure awaits, surely you want to be ready? And you can be, with ACAI.

Camping Outfits

Clearly, as demonstrated above, you may need to consider several camping outfits for both the expected and unexpected. 

A good camping outfit should be practical, comfortable and stylish enough to satisfy your inner designer demons. Luckily, ACAI has been busy (building a brand which caters for)developing outdoor clothes fit for camping purposes.

Camping Trousers

Camping Trousers - ACAI

A long-legged trouser is always advisable when camping or roaming in the outdoors. For one, they provide protection against stinging nettles and mosquitoes, but more importantly, camping trousers offer warmth. And when you wear ACAI - style is something that will not go unnoticed either.

MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers

You’re always going to be active (voluntary or involuntary) when camping, so it’s important to have full and flexible manoeuvrability from your camping trousers. It’s also important that pockets are plentiful for all your possessions and that splatters and spillages are easy to wipe-clean! ACAI implemented all of those features into their skinny outdoor trousers.

MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers - Graphite - ACAI

Outdoor Softshell Leggings

Ultra lightweight, breathable, showerproof and chafe-free leggings are the kind of camping trousers dreams are made of. And if you make them stylish too, dreams will come true.

Softshell Outdoor Leggings - ACAI

Camping Shorts

To own a pair of comfortable, practical and stylish camping shorts, you don’t have to sever the legs off your favourite sweatpants. You only have to believe that ACAI will have done all the hard work for you. And you better believe it! 

Trek Shorts

Tailored to adapt to the outdoors while maintaining all the integrity of a fashionista, these trek shorts will conform to the rigours of camping without a flinch. 

Trek Shorts - Camping - ACAI

The Outdoor Denim Shorts

Summertime camping should be a celebration of the great outdoors and nearby beer gardens. That’s when duty calls for outdoor denim shorts.

Camping Tops

A camping top should tick both the comfort and practical boxes. It’s something you’ll wear throughout the day-part and into the evening, so it has to be durable and adaptable. A camping top is whatever works for you, in terms of style, fit and function. 

Bamboo Hike Bra

The Bamboo Hike Bra is brilliantly versatile. Style it out as a crop-top when it's hot, or as a supportive underlayer on an adventure. Ant-bacterial and sweat-wicking properties mean this top can be worn excessively throughout your trip, without too much worry of the bodily aromas!

Bamboo Hike Bra - Camping Attire - ACAI

Breathe Tee

Breathability is a big factor for any t-shirt, let alone the one you’re wearing to put up a tent and carry firewood in. Fear not, the strategically placed perforation and a Silverplus ant-bacterial finish of this tee helps to manage body odours. 

Breathe Tee - Camping - ACAI

Performance Full Zip Jacket

Finally, an outdoor jacket that respects both shape and style. The hour glass illusion will flatter your shape and snuggle up to your skin to keep you warmer. Then there's the little details that make all the difference like discreet zip pockets and a funnel neck that amplify a contemporary outdoor garment. 

Performance Full Zip Jacket by ACAI


What to Sleep in When Camping

At camping, once you're cocooned into a sleeping back, there’ isn't much room for manoeuvre. That’s why it’s wise to make the right decision about what to sleep in before you wake up in the middle of the night sweating or shivering.

The weather will largely determine what you wear for bed. Never settle down in wet or damp clothes, make sure you’re always dry. If you have a top-quality sleeping back, you shouldn't really need any layers, but if it’s bitter, ACAI winter thermal base layers are a soft, comfortable and breathable option. 

For optimal comfort, opt for the Bamboo Hike Bra - it has removable pads and no underwire, for a seamless sleep. 

How to Stay Warm Winter Camping

Besides cosying up the campfire or exercising to increase your heart rate, base layers will help you stay warm whilst winter camping. Hats, gloves and a premium pair of merino wool hiking socks are also ways of staying warm. 

If all else fails, there’s always The Boyfriend Hoodie, or your partner’s actual hoodie. Beyond that, a cup of hot chocolate always helps doesn’t it?

Warm Camping Sleeping Clothes ACAI

How to Pack Clothes for Camping

Firstly, ask yourself what you are packing your camping clothes into. A suitcase isn't so sensible, unless you’re going glamping. If it's a rucksack, what litre is it? Stick to the capacity, if you can. 

Some backpacks open up like a suitcase and camping clothes can be folded and placed in a similar fashion. How long they’ll stay that way is open to debate. A method many campers opt for is the tight, roll fold. Rolling your camping clothes makes them more compact and easier to access, if living out of a backpack. 

Luckily, for you, ACAI attire is very packable. We don’t do bulkiness. Almost all of what we produce is ultra lightweight, so it won’t add to your load or weigh you down, nor will it take up much space.

If you’re worried about your camping clothes being creased, you need to let it go.

Camping Clothes at ACAI

ACAI designs clothes specifically for women and the outdoors, with comfort and self-confidence at the core. It’s a self-confessed admission to revolutionise all women’s experiences outdoors, through practical and fashionable attire. 

Each aspect of ACAI’s clothing considers what women want from their outdoor clothing and each type of women that may want to wear them. That’s why each item is packed full of features favourable to women and the outdoor lifestyle. 

Perhaps, ACAI can become that much needed category for comfortable and stylish and camping clothes, and the perfect excuse to politely decline your great aunt’s chunky-knit cardigans.

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