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Summer Hiking Outfits

by Laura Barlow on Jul 20, 2022

Summer Hiking Outfits

Whilst your summer wardrobe may well have been underway shortly after the last door on your advent calendar closed at Christmas, today may be the first time ever contemplating a summer hiking outfit (much to our delight!)

Fear not, if you’re a newbie to hiking and summer hiking clothes - that’s where we come in. Firstly, you can get more acquainted with what hiking actually is here, in our previous blog. Secondly, we have saved you the scrutiny of untested summer hiking outfits by compiling a few (stylish) favourites of our own, determined by our passion for superior fitting and functional outdoorwear. 

We’re well aware that there will be all kinds of questions whizzing around your head like ‘is it possible to look and feel good on a country trail?’ or ‘is there attire hard wearing enough to survive all terrains?’ But have some faith; our gear is put through a rigorous 18-month testing phase and the cut of our cloth is shaped to fit the female form in all its glory. ACAI is the point of difference between a tremendous hiking outfit to be treasured and an unforgettable fashion faux pas. 

Hiking in Hot Weather

Make way in your wardrobe (or at least a dedicated drawer of your dresser) for a whole new category of clothing. Sling your partners pressed shirts to one side and allow them to pay homage to the new ‘hiking in hot weather department’. 

For hiking in hot weather, it’s important to wear something lightweight and comfortable. This often comes down to the nature of the fabric. Luckily, a lot of our summer lightweight collection consists of Nylon (89%) and spandex or elastane (11%), making it a shower resistant, breathable material with superior fit and four way stretch abilities, for supreme comfort. 

Hiking in Hot Weather

Once we’d conquered comfort, we wanted to prevent sweat from weighing you down as you hike in the summer sunshine. In response, we employed a moisture wicking technology to help move sweat to the outer surface allowing it to dry quicker and not saturate the fabric with sweat patches - hey, you never know who might be hiking on by!

Summer Hiking Clothes

Forget the stagnated, straight-legged, shell-suit style hiking attire that seems to have lingered on since the early 90s and, instead, open your eyes to something more modern. 

ACAI set out to create outdoor attire with a high-fashion influence and a sustainable, performance-led legacy. So, when we say an outfit can make or break your hiking experience, we don’t say it lightly! 

Enjoy this selection of some of our favourite summer hiking clothes which you can combine to create a summer hiking outfit fit for the footpaths of nature:

  • Bamboo Hike Bra

This hiking bra, friends, is the ideal companion for a hot weekend away hiking up hills and splashing around at wild swimming spots.

Designed to double-up as an under layer or to be worn solo, our Bamboo Hike Bra boasts a longline cut and ribbed detail to accentuate the female form. 

Adjustable multi-way straps add support and removable cups optimise your comfort, whilst the bamboo viscose is sumptuously soft to the touch.

Bamboo Hike Bra


Made by women, for women, our Trek Shorts have a collection of features that make them favourable for any kind of adventure. 

From dog walking and cycling to rambles with pub stops, the stretchy, soft-shell material makes for a superior comfort fit, whilst a damp cloth will wipe clean mucky paw marks with ease!

With a secure zipped pocket, concealed back pocket and two front pockets, and available in an array of colours, these hiking shorts are personalised with performance.

Trek Shorts


Our Outdoor Skinnies are the signature of our brand and where our adventure into women’s outerwear began. 

Mimicking the look and style of the skinny jean but built for the outdoors, the MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers were designed specifically for the style-conscious adventurer. 

Fabulous four-way-stretch in the durable nylon material make these women’s hiking trousers suitable for more than mountain-top adventures. They have become a lifestyle choice for the most vigorous or casual of activities. Be it horse riding or gardening or leisurely lunches with friends, we’re delighted to see them wherever you may go. 

Max Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers


As the name suggests, this lightweight, durable and breathable T-shirt is perfect for the warmer months. 

Coated with Silverplus, the Breathe Tee has a protective anti-bacterial finish that manages body odours on the move and the strategically placed pointelle perforation provides maximum breathability. 

Lastly, there’s no risk of chafe, thanks to the seamless knit construction and stitch detailing to frame your silhouette.

Breathe Tee


  • Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Alas, the final piece of the summer hiking outfit assemblement are the summer hiking socks, of course! 

The marvellous Merino Wool Hiking Socks are chunky in their construction to add a natural shock absorption for pounding those pathways. Ribbed knit construction makes for a perfect fit and a seamless toe link enhances comfort. 

We know what you’re thinking. Thick socks in the summer will make for sweaty feet. But the woollen blend is known for its quick wicking moisture and odour management. 

Merino Wool Hiking Socks


Hiking Outfit Combinations at ACAI

Wear a winning combination of any of our outdoorwear garments and go after your goals this summer! 

If you’re style-conscious like us, hopefully you’ll find something to suit both style and functionality from our collections. Who’d have thought you could have a fashionable hiking outfit for summer that’s durable, sustainable and sensational?  

It’s time to head over to your wardrobe, wave goodbye to formal summer attire and make way for a more adventurous and formidable version of yourself.

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