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    Not sure what you're looking for? Browse all our outdoorwear catering for every adventure from head to toe, including Outdoor Skinnies, Sustainable Accessories, and stylish accompaniments made by women for women.

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  • All Season

    All Season

    As a happy medium between our lightweight and thermal styles, the all season range is ideal to wear all year round, thanks to the breathable mid-weight material with superior fit and four way stretch.

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  • Aubergine Collection

    Aubergine Collection

    Be bold and beautiful with Aubergine coloured Outdoor Gear. Universally flattering, our rich purple hue pairs perfectly with black and navy meaning it'll fit seemlessly in to your wardrobe.

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  • Best Sellers

    Best Sellers

    Take a peek at the outdoorwear other ACAI adventure women are obsessing over. Our Best Sellers will provide some inspiration for your next outdoor look, with style, fit and performance at the forefront of everything we design.

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  • Gardeners Edit

    Gardeners Edit

    Designed for the avid gardener, our gear is high-abrasion, super stretchy and wipe clean, perfect for weekends spent down at the allotment. 

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  • New Arrivals

    New Arrivals

    Shop the look in our easy to wear, breathable, and stylish New Arrivals collection including The Original Outdoor Skinnies revolutionising the rules on women's outdoorwear. Gear up for your next big adventure!

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  • Outdoor Enthusiasts

    Outdoor Enthusiasts

    Gear designed for people who are obsessed with adventure and the great outdoors. It covers our most technically advanced gear and performance accessories designed for extreme pursuits such as scrambling, trekking and wild camping.  

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  • Park Strollers

    Park Strollers

    Gear designed for the everyday strollers. Think durable, but stylish outdoorwear, perfect for mucky paws, alfresco coffee runs and ambling through your local park.

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  • Summer Lightweight

    Summer Lightweight

    Our Lightweight Collection is a perfect choice of outdoorwear for those warmer days adventuring, thanks to moisture wicking, shower resistant, breathable material with superior fit and four way stretch.

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  • Sustainable Accessories

    Sustainable Accessories

    The ideal accompaniment on any adventures, our collection of sustainable accessories are an investment you can feel good about, guaranteeing style and comfort all year round.

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  • The Archive Sale

    The Archive Sale

    An ACAI cornerstone is sustainability. Reducing waste, limiting overproduction, and creating evergreen outdoorwear to stand the test of time. 
    We're just doing our bit for Mother Nature where we can. 
    And although we’d love to always get it spot on, occasionally we produce too much.
    The ACAI Archive is the place to find these extra pieces, offered at reduced prices to ensure they find a home that fits.

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  • The Autumn Edit

    The Autumn Edit

    Explore our collection of styles designed for the transition of Seasons. Think lightweight, breathable and shower resistant, our gear will see you through from sunny blue skies to wet and windy spells.

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  • The Black Collection

    The Black Collection

    We're back in black! With fantastic four way stretch and superior fit, our range of Outdoor Trousers suit any adventure in all weather, even on the darkest days outdoors. Join other women who, if in doubt, wear our best selling colour.

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  • The Dog Walkers Edit

    The Dog Walkers Edit

    It's going on a daily dog walk sort of thing. We love our four-legged friends at ACAI and we we want them to enjoy their muddy adventures as much as you do, so we have designed wipeable outdoorwear so you always look good on your walks!

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  • The Green Collection

    The Green Collection

    Don't blend in. Make a subtle statement in our Green colourways. With fantastic four way stretch and superior fit, our range of Outdoor Trousers suit any adventure in all weather. Lara Croft, eat your heart out!

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  • The Grey Collection

    The Grey Collection

    Harness our storm-inspired collection to help you feel fashionable from trails to town. With fantastic four way stretch and superior fit, our range of Outdoor Trousers suit any adventure in all weather and keep you comfortable on the greyest days.

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  • The Hikers Edit

    The Hikers Edit

    It's a climbing up a mountain sort of thing. If you're a lover of a challenge and need a performance wardrobe to help you bag your next munro, we have the perfect Hikers Edit for our most durable outdoorwear.

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  • The Navy Collection

    The Navy Collection

    Universally flattering, navy will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe! All our trousers have fantastic four way stretch technology and superior fit, perfect for any adventure in all weather to keep you comfortable and classically cool.

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  • The Park Strollers Edit

    The Park Strollers Edit

    It's a stroll in the park sort of thing. If you love going for a more relaxed walk with the kids or when catching up with friends, we have the perfect staple pieces for a practical yet stylish wardrobe in the outdoors.

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  • The Runners Edit

    The Runners Edit

    Run in style with our range of running gear packed with performance features, from an antibacterial finish that manages body odour, to breathable and moisture wicking material.

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  • The Summer Edit

    The Summer Edit

    Explore our collection of styles designed for the height of summer. Think ultra breathable and lightweight hiking shorts and walking trousers perfect for hikes, walks and strolls round the park paired with super stylish tees and vests


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  • Women's All Season Wear

    Women's All Season Wear

    ACAI outdoorwear is meticulously designed, rigorously tested and stylishly celebrated so that it can become an all-season staple for women worldwide.

    From the Original Skinny Outdoor Jeans to our Merino Wool Crew Neck T-Shirt, considerations are made to enable each item to become multi-seasonal, multi-functional and multi-purpose.

    At ACAI, it's appreciated that women’s lifestyles differ from day to day. But that shouldn’t mean you should have to sacrifice comfort or style in what you choose to wear. ACAI has ambitions to create clothing that can be appreciated in all-seasons and become part of your everyday wear as well as your adventure wear.

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  • Women's Base Layers

    Women's Base Layers

    For undergarments that undergo thorough and rigorous testing, in order to bring out the best in women’s base layers, shop ACAI.

    Fend off the cold by wearing our female base layers as everyday wear and stay safe in the knowledge that the next to skin comfort is second to none.

    Choose from Thermal Seamless Base Layer Tops, Tights and Leggings to stay cosy whilst camping or exploring. Knitted using the latest NILIT heat yarn technology, ACAI’s women’s base layers are packed with performance features. Additional base layers also come in the form of the Bamboo Hike Bra and Breathe Vest too, for outdoor style like no other.

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  • Women's Hiking Clothes

    Women's Hiking Clothes

    At ACAI there’s a deep rooted passion to transform the perception of women’s hiking clothes. For too long, women’s hiking clothes have been marginalised, but now times are changing.

    ACAI believes in stylish and functional hiking clothes for women with an outdoorsy lifestyle and an individualistic attitude. You will find elements of each woven through the very fabric of what we do.

    Shop our women’s hiking trousers, hiking tops and more to conquer women’s hiking clothes packed with style and practicality.

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  • Women's Hiking Leggings

    Women's Hiking Leggings

    Women’s hiking leggings should perform above and beyond a ramble in the countryside. ACAI sees women’s leggings as a garment for all occasions, not just for adventures into the great outdoors.

    Although ACAI’s women’s hiking leggings are packed full of features to make them more than adaptable to outdoor adventures, they’re stylish and comfortable enough to be worn at all-times. Whether you're on the work commute or taking the kids to school, ACAI Softshell Leggings have been designed with women and their lifestyles in mind.

    Allow women’s hiking leggings to be the base layer to any adventure and the slip-on, stylish legwear, no matter where you’re heading.

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  • Women's Hiking Shorts

    Women's Hiking Shorts

    When you’re stretching up hills, climbing over obstacles and going up against the elements, you need a pair of women’s hiking shorts you can depend upon.

    ACAI has made a commitment to help celebrate every woman’s individuality, strength and uniqueness through the products they produce. The women’s hiking shorts range represents these ideals in their aesthetic and functionality.

    Make the most of our women’s hiking shorts designed with four-way stretch softshell material for manoeuvrability, snag-proof abilities for resistance and packability for ease of use on any adventure.

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  • Women's Hiking Tops

    Women's Hiking Tops

    A hike can be hard work. That’s why you need a women’s hiking top that will prioritise performance and favour functionality, at the same time as allowing your individual style to shine.

    ACAI has a range of women’s hiking tops to cater for all kinds of activities and adventures. The Bamboo Hike Bra offers superior support. The slim-fit design of the Breathe Vest accentuates the female form, whilst our Thermal Seamless Base Layer Tops are chafe-free and engineered for warmth.

    Wherever your journey takes you, look to ACAI for women’s hiking tops to take you on that adventure with peace of mind.

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  • Women's Outdoor Clothes

    Women's Outdoor Clothes

    For the best in women’s outdoor clothing, welcome to ACAI - the home of women’s outdoorwear. Here, a passion for the outdoors is underlined by stylish, comfortable and functional outdoor clothing.

    ACAI embraces all identities in the outdoors. For far too long, women’s outdoor clothing has been underwhelming, to say the least. By putting performance and style first, ACAI is the women’s outdoor clothing brand that understands individualism and personality.

    There should be no barrier to enjoying the great outdoors and mother nature. ACAI believes in hiking gear which supports you in achieving whatever challenges you decide to set. Shop ACAI for women’s outdoor clothing fit for any adventure.

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  • Women's Outdoor Hoodies & Fleeces

    Women's Outdoor Hoodies & Fleeces

    The go-to garment for winter walks has to be a hoodie or fleece. Fleeces and hoodies are a way of adding instant warmth whilst maintaining comfort and cosiness.

    ACAI recognised the need for outdoor fleeces and hoodies that can handle the elements and wintertime adventures as well as celebrating individual style. That's why our eclectic rage of women's outdoorwear combines both functionality and style.

    Make the most of the chilly season with our range of women's winter warmers. Choose your favourite from the Go Explore Hoodie, the Outdoor Fleece Hoodie, Full Zip Fleece and our ever popular Boyfriend Hoodie!

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  • Women's Outdoor Shorts

    Women's Outdoor Shorts

    When exploring the outdoors, women’s shorts need to be able to withstand the elements and rigours of a ramble. That’s why ACAI tried and tested women’s outdoor shorts in adverse conditions, to give you extreme comfort, style and functionality.

    With snag-proof, quick-drying and easy wipe-clean qualities, our women’s outdoor shorts are ready for action. Couple that with the practicality of zip pockets and a water repellent finish and you have a pair of outdoor shorts for all seasons.

    Take a further look at the intimate and stylised features of our Trek Shorts, Denim Shorts and Panelled Shorts that make the wearing of them truly personalised.

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  • Women's Outdoor T-Shirts

    Women's Outdoor T-Shirts

    A women’s outdoor t-shirt shouldn't weigh you down with sweat or make you shiver when wet. It should allow you to breathe and be lightweight enough for you to flourish.

    At ACAI, our women’s outdoor t-shirts are designed by women for women. Therefore, features such as Silverplus, which manages body odours at the same time as prolonging the t-shirts' lifespan, allow you to invest in a women’s outdoor t-shirt with confidence.

    Moreover, the slim-fit design and seamless knit construction accentuates the female form and eliminates chafe, whilst strategically placed pointelle perforation provides maximum breathability. Our outdoor t-shirts are super stylish too!

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  • Women's Outdoor Tops

    Women's Outdoor Tops

    Finding the right outdoor top can be difficult for women. Thankfully, ACAI exists. Tailor-made outdoor tops designed by women for women, with feature enhancements to cement both style and functionality.

    Take your pick from our women’s outdoor tops range, including Breathe Vests and Breathe Tees, Thermal Base Layer Tops, Hoodies and Fleeces! Each has been purposely designed with women in mind.

    Every woman is unique, as are their lifestyles and needs. A passion for the outdoors is what provoked ACAI to meet these needs and deliver stylish tops that can be worn beyond the outdoors.

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  • Women's Outdoor Trousers

    Women's Outdoor Trousers

    As the home of the original skinny outdoor trousers, legwear is where it all began for ACAI. When it comes to Women's Outdoor Trousers, there is a need for stylish, durable and comfortable outdoor wear. Trust in our four way stretch, shower resistant and durable material to revolutionise the rules on women's outdoor wear.

    Our range of women's outdoor leg wear include skinny jeans, trousers, leggings and base layers to accompany any adventure.

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  • Women's Summer Outdoor Clothes

    Women's Summer Outdoor Clothes

    ACAI’s summer outdoor clothes collection is underpinned by outdoor attire that will not only suit the style of the summer season but survive it too.

    The integration of UV protection and shower resistant features allows for extra durability on adventures in the sunshine, whilst the overall aesthetic and attention to detail satisfies the stylish side of the summer outdoor clothing collectors.

    Create an entire summer outdoor wardrobe with ACAI. Shop the Bamboo Hike Bra which can double up as a crop top, secure our Trek Shorts which are suited to any adventure and treat yourself to a pair of lightweight Outdoor Softshell Leggings for the full set.

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  • Women's Summer Outdoor Shorts

    Women's Summer Outdoor Shorts

    Slide into a pair of summer outdoor shorts designed specifically for outdoorsy women with active lifestyles and adventurous mindsets.

    Rest assured that ACAI’s summer outdoor shorts contain all of the functionality and features you’d want for a short geared up for summertime adventures. From moisture-wicking abilities and materials which encourage maximum movement to quick drying and snag-proof properties.

    For women’s shorts that will not go unnoticed, shop ACAI’s Trek Shorts, Breathe Adventure Shorts and Denim Shorts to find the ones most suited to your lifestyle choices.

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  • Women's Summer Outdoor Tops

    Women's Summer Outdoor Tops

    Celebrate the summer with outdoor tops that can live up to the expectations of both style and performance when it really matters.

    ACAI has worked tirelessly to develop women’s summer outdoor garments that work specifically for a woman’s needs. Our summer tops have moisture-wicking technology and breathability built-in, so that sweat and odours become one less worry.

    The summer outdoor tops collection includes some stylish favourites such as the Bamboo Hike Bra that doubles as a crop-top for when things really hot up! Whilst the Breathe Vest, with its slim-fit design and Silverplus coating, is more than ideal for the summer season.

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  • Women's Summer Outdoor Trousers

    Women's Summer Outdoor Trousers

    ACAI designs summer outdoor trousers that can tolerate the temperature as well as the adventure.

    Take the Outdoor Softshell Leggings, for example. Ultra lightweight and breathable material draws sweat away, so you don’t have to face any unwanted moisture and UV protection allows for prolonged periods in the sunshine. Alternatively, you can opt for the MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers with four-way stretch for extreme summertime adventures.

    Whether you’re into hiking, cycling or walking your dog during the summer, our range of outdoor trousers cater for active lifestyles, as well as individual style and personalised performance. Shop our summer outdoor legwear made by women for women.

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  • Women's Walking Clothes

    Women's Walking Clothes

    ACAI is big on inclusion. That’s why women’s walking clothes should not be subjected to a bygone style era that’s out of touch and not fit for purpose.

    Instead, ACAI designs women’s walking clothes with female lifestyles in mind. Whether you're a mother on a mission in a pair of walking trousers or part of a women’s walking group with matching tops and ambitions, your walking clothes should be considerate of both style and functionality.

    Forget anti-flex and restrictive walking clothes of yesteryear and transport yourself into the modern era with women’s walking attire inclusive of your individuality, strength and uniqueness.

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  • Women's Walking Leggings

    Women's Walking Leggings

    Leggings have become the go-to garment for women around the world. That’s why when ACAI created women’s walking leggings, they had to be inclusive, stylish and functional, for them to be an everyday staple.

    Aspects such as the style, superior fit and seam-free inner leg for zero chafe are what make ACAI women’s Outdoor Softshell Leggings desirable. And the quick-drying, moisture wicking technology of the Thermal Outdoor Leggings is the practical appeal.

    All in all, women’s walking leggings should be adaptable and beautiful enough to wear whatever the occasion or wherever the adventure.

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  • Women's Walking Shorts

    Women's Walking Shorts

    There’s no need to trim down your favourite sweatpants to ensure a super comfortable pair of women’s walking shorts. Not when ACAI exists.

    Not only do ourI women’s walking shorts bring you a superior comfort-fit, they are also packed with all the technical features required for any outdoor adventure. A stretchy soft-shell material, for full and flexible movement. Excellent shower resistance and a water repellent finish, for keeping you dry. Plus, they’re lightweight, breathable and durable.

    There’s no need to worry about muddy paws either because ACAI women’s walking shorts wipe clean with ease and wash at 30 degrees.

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  • Women's Walking Tops

    Women's Walking Tops

    Women’s walking tops should cater for the lifestyles of all women, no matter what type of walking or workout they choose. Tops to go for a stroll in. Tops to walk to work in. Tops to conquer mountain tops.

    You can rely on our women’s walking tops, designed by women for women, to deliver on the high-performance promises. Be it lightweight, breathable and anti-bacterial properties found in the Breathe Tee or the soft but durable features of the Merino Wool Crew Neck T-Shirt, ACAI walking tops are what they say they are.

    Walking is a great way of exploring the outdoors and meeting new people. ACAI develops its women’s walking tops to give you peace of mind, when it comes to performance and style.

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  • Women's Winter Base Layers

    Women's Winter Base Layers

    Brave the elements of winter with women’s outdoor base layers by ACAI. Tried, tested and trendy enough for any terrain or winter walk.

    Super soft, insulated and versatile. Our winter outdoor base layers act as a second skin, keeping you supported, comfortable and cosy on winter hikes, camping trips or as an additional layer for everyday winter wear.

    The seamless construction and ergonomic designs are not only figure enhancing but technically brilliant in terms of reducing chafe and trapping warmth. Shop Thermal Base Layer Tops and Tights and see for yourselves.

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  • Women's Winter Outdoor Clothes

    Women's Winter Outdoor Clothes

    Winter is a magical time of year. Going on an adventure and exploring during this chilly season requires brave women and even bolder winter outdoor clothes.

    ACAI’s thermal base layer range will bolster your ability to stay warm whilst camping, hiking or being outdoorsy throughout the winter season.

    Designed by women for women, our winter outdoor clothing range not only caters for all aspects of winter but all types of women too. ACAI understands the lifestyles, limitations and expectations of women and outdoor womenswear.

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  • Women's Winter Outdoor Trousers

    Women's Winter Outdoor Trousers

    Nobody wants chilly legs whilst on a wintery adventure. That’s why ACAI have created a range of winter outdoor trousers that combat any concerns about the cold or style.

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  • Women’s Hiking Trousers

    Women’s Hiking Trousers

    ACAI has high expectations for women’s hiking trousers, and so should you. Forget the stiff, straight-legged, shell-suit style hiking trouser you’re used to and opt for the spectacular instead.

    Take a moment to celebrate style with us. ACAI women’s hiking trousers mimic skinny jeans in their aesthetic but, because they’re designed by women for women, they’re more than just good-looking.

    Women’s hiking trousers have to be fit for purpose. If you’re heading out hiking, or rambling and clambering over hillsides and tricky terrains, you need to have confidence in your legwear. Allow ACAI to give you total assurance that women’s hiking trousers can be high-performing in all seasons.

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  • Women’s Outdoor Jeans

    Women’s Outdoor Jeans

    Shop ACAI’s Skinny Outdoor Jeans for an alternative to regular jeans. ACAI ensures style is never sacrificed when it comes to women’s outdoor jeans.

    With all the aesthetic of a pair of skinny jeans, but with the built-in brilliance of ISKO BLUESKIN™ technology for free-movement and unrestricted comfort, women’s outdoor jeans have never felt so good.

    Not only do ACAI mimic women’s outdoor jeans with practical aspects such as secure zipped pockets, but they go above and beyond with shower resistant and breathable moisture-wicking technology, making them ideal for dog-walking, hikes and even popping to the shops.

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  • Women’s Outdoor Leggings

    Women’s Outdoor Leggings

    If women’s outdoor leggings are to remain a staple of your everyday wardrobe, they ought to be fit for a multitude of activities and stylish enough to stay.

    In order for ACAI to create the ultimate outdoor leggings for women, priorities had to be set and met. An inner-leg, seam free, policy to prevent chafe. 100% squat-proof for full flexibility. And a zip pocket for practicality.

    After achieving all of the above, we added existing expertise in the form of four-way stretch and six-point leg shaping technology, plus a non-slip waistband for extra comfort. Finally, they were made to be machine washable and quick-drying for a woman’s outdoor legging with a lifestyle understanding.

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  • Women’s Thermal Trousers

    Women’s Thermal Trousers

    With supposed windproof walking trousers barely keeping out a breeze and capturing wind like a kite, ACAI set out to make women’s thermal trousers to suit the modern-day woman.

    ACAI’s Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers have transformed the way women think about the outdoors. No longer do they fear leg icicles or calf chills, thanks to ACAI’s innovative thermal trousers.

    Continue your adventure deep into the winter season without the worry of wickedly cold weather. Whilst the exterior is working hard to keep you dry and the soft-shell material is striving to keep you comfortable, on the inside they’re lined with thermal fleece to provide a blanket of warmth. Designed by women for women.

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  • Women’s Walking Trousers

    Women’s Walking Trousers

    Women's walking trousers free from the restraints of the ‘shrink and pink’ ideology. Instead, ACAI developed women’s walking trousers full of functionality and style.

    For walking trousers that bring you high abrasion performance, in a classic skinny jean style, you’ve come to the right place.

    ACAI assure you that their women’s walking trousers are ultra durable and extra hard working, when it comes to playing hard in the outdoors. Have complete confidence in our walking trousers, that don’t just support you, but support the planet too.

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