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ACAI launches the Outdoorsing Fund in support of women’s community groups

by Talitha Palmer Roberts on Nov 11, 2022

ACAI launches the Outdoorsing Fund in support of women’s community groups

Inspiring women to get outdoors and into nature is at the heart of ACAI, and was the drive behind our founder’s creation of the brand.  


Having built ACAI from nothing, Kasia has always been motivated by putting women first in the outdoors. Kasia and her team are continually seeking new ways they can support the women’s Outdoorsing community.


Their latest, launching in November 2022, is the ACAI Outdoorsing Fund.


What is the ACAI Outdoorsing Fund?


Here at ACAI we live and breathe our mission of putting women first in the outdoors. So the Outdoorsing Fund has been created to fund and support women’s outdoor community groups around the UK.

The ambitious aim is to get more than 60,000 women outdoors through community groups supported by ACAI up until November 2023.


Why has ACAI created the Outdoorsing Fund?


Kasia wanted to go further than creating clothing for women that gives them confidence in the outdoors through superior fit, style and performance.

She also wanted to inspire more women to spend time outdoors so that they could experience the physical and mental wellbeing benefits nature offers.

And when she discovered that “55% of women don’t want to be outside alone” (Ref: ‘Love Her Wild, Women in the Outdoors’ survey) the solution was clear: for ACAI to invest in women’s outdoor community groups.


When does the Outdoorsing Fund launch?


ACAI’s Outdoorsing Fund launched in November 2022, initially with two beneficiary community groups: Adventure Queens and Blaze Trails.


Where will the Outdoorsing Funds come from?


To kickstart the fund, ACAI is donating £5 from every sale over the Green Friday weekend – an alternative to Black Friday where instead of the focus being on profit, it’s on sustainability, giving to others, community and nature.

ACAI will be using the funds – all clearly protected – to support groups nationwide which encourage and inspire women to get outdoors; regardless of their level of experience; and welcome to anyone who identifies as female.

Fundraising activity will be ongoing, and women’s community groups can get in touch to discuss partnering with ACAI by emailing


A word from ACAI’s Founder Kasia...


“I am so proud that we have been able to create the Outdoorsing Fund. It was always my dream that ACAI could go beyond being a clothing brand for women, with meaningful actions that inspire Outdoorsing.

“The Outdoorsing Fund will, I hope, give vital funds to community groups which we’ve handpicked to have as wide a reach as possible.

“These groups all champion women in nature; inspiring outdoor experiences with likeminded people; nurturing confidence; and promoting the mental and physical benefits of Outdoorsing.

“I’m so looking forward to seeing the many adventures ACAI will be taken on thanks to the Fund, and myself and the team will be doing all we can to reach our target of getting 60,000 women into the outdoors with community groups by November 2023.”



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    Nov 09, 2023 at 13:57

    What an amazing idea !! Well done !


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