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Thermal Leggings

by Laura Barlow on Feb 14, 2023

Women's Thermal Leggings

ACAI thermal leggings: invented for outdoorsy women who love to be in nature but face barriers when it comes to the style, fit and performance of their outdoor garments.

That’s how our thermal leggings came about. As a direct consideration of the predicament above. The time had come to remove those barriers for women. 

We knew how easy it was to be put-off by wintry weather hikes; one minute you're freezing, the next you’re sweating! Regulating your body’s temperature becomes a case of juggling layers of clothing to adapt (which also impacts on your comfort). We saw this as less than ideal for when you’re on the move and wanting to travel light. 

So we decided to do something about it. By putting performance first, our innovative thermal leggings would restore faith in adventuring anywhere in the outdoors for prolonged periods of time without the need for an outfit change every 5 minutes. 

Thermal Leggings for Women

Women's Thermal Leggings - ACAI

If we wanted women’s leggings to remain a staple of your everyday wardrobe, we knew we’d have to move away from the uncomfortable and underperforming lycra leggings of the noughties.

It was time to invent leggings for women that would work for women. The shortlist of requirements were: 

  • Leggings that were adaptable to the elements across a range of environments
  • Leggings to serve multi-purpose lifestyles 
  • Leggings to suit individual shapes 
  • Leggings to appeal to personal tastes

Looking back, admittedly, we'd given ourselves quite the task! Nevertheless, we got to work and dedicated a lot of time gathering valuable female insight. From the inception, through the testing phase, and into the final product approval, the aim was to foresee any potential frustrations and counteract any issues before they arose. This was done by paying close attention to three areas in particular...

  • Style: Historically, women’s winter wear could be described as uninspiring. That’s why the women at ACAI have strived for a thermal legging aesthetic which would be widely accepted and appreciated in any environment, from walking the dog or practising yoga, to horse riding and afternoons in the pub. 

    Thermal Leggings Style - ACAI
  • Fit: The fit of a woman's thermal legging should be flattering. We have taken into consideration individual shapes, sizes and contours and adapted our thermal leggings to be inclusive, in order to accentuate confidence and comfort at all times.

    Thermal Leggings Fit - ACAI
  • Performance: Thermal leggings have to be insulating otherwise they’re not fit for purpose. They should also remain functional and effective in a range of climates across a breadth of activities. That’s why we have weaved a heap of performance features into its thermal leggings to extend your adventures as well as the life-span of the leggings themselves. 

    Thermal Leggings Performance - ACAI

On the Lookout for Thick Leggings?

Thickness doesn’t always guarantee warmth, when it comes to women’s leggings, so shop carefully! What you should be looking for are leggings that employ fabric and materials to work to your advantage.

Thick Thermal Leggings - ACAI

Take our thermal leggings, for instance. We’d say they’re fairly thick but there’s not a lot of loft to them. The way we see it is that if the thermal factor is performing, there’s no need for excess fabric - let’s keep them lightweight. 

Thermal Leggings Smart Fabric 

A specialty yarn from Japan is tightly knitted together to create a condensed, high density fabric capable of holding in heat whilst still emulating the spray-on style of a lightweight legging. 

100% Squat Proof Thermal Leggings

The looped-knit also supports another factor surrounding the search for thick leggings: squatting. Nobody wants leggings that become see through at the slightest stretch. We rigorously (mark our words) tested these leggings until there was no sight of knickers whatsoever when squatting, confirming them as 100% squat-proof.

A Want for Warm Leggings

Common ground has been found on a fondness of leggings. They’re easy, effortless and adaptable to most outfits. However, they’re not the warmest garment in the wardrobe. Hence our thermal leggings and their very existence.

Tog Toasty Thermal Leggings 

Our thermal leggings come with an official and toasty tog rating of 0.4! So, if it's warm leggings you want, our duvet-like leggings will act as an insulating layer next to your skin. The lightly-brushed peached finish ensures this. Its tiny fibres stand on end trapping air to create a thermal barrier that will keep you snug.

Most women's leggings are designed for the gym or lounging. Therefore, they don’t really cut it outdoors or in cold weather

Women's Outdoor Thermal Leggings - ACAI

Surely, if you’re looking for winter leggings, then thermal leggings are the solution? Not only are they designed to retain and capture heat to keep you warm on a winter hike but they also take into consideration other elements of the outdoors too. 

For example, moisture wicking ability prevents sweat from collecting and cooling close to your skin, and quick-drying technology also helps to keep the cold at bay. 

Women’s Thermal Clothing

It was clear to ACAI that there was a need for head to toe thermal attire that would keep you warm throughout the winter season. Yet, that attire had to live up to more than that. We wanted women to have the confidence to embrace the outdoors and take on any adventure, and if wearing ACAI contributed to that, we’d feel like we’d done our bit.

When we see you wearing and celebrating our ACAI garments, that feeling does come full circle. It reassures us that our women’s thermal clothing reflects our appreciation and understanding of stylish clothes for alternative lifestyles. It also underpins how important both the functionality and fit are for each individual.

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