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Women’s Leggings

by Laura Barlow on Feb 17, 2023

Women’s Leggings

ACAI’s women’s leggings are not your typical leggings. We know this because our in-house team spent hundreds of hours wear-testing, deliberating and devising solutions to overcome everyday annoyances. 

The ambition was to introduce a women’s legging to the market that could be relied upon in everyday scenarios but also adapt to alternate lifestyles and individual shapes. 

Just because you’re walking the dog on your lunch break or meeting your friends after work, why should there be a need for an outfit change? That was our thinking anyway. 

What you're wearing should give you the confidence to live your life safe in the knowledge that you won’t be let down by the fit, performance or style of your leg-wear. 

Ladies Leggings - It’s a Lifestyle Thing

Women's Leggings - Squat Proof

Whether you’re heading out for a run or collecting the kids from school, leggings are an understandable go-to. They’re effortless to slide into, comfier than most other leg-wear and acceptable as an everyday outfit choice. 

But what if your leggings did more for you and your lifestyle without having to worry about how leggings have let you down in the past? You know what we’re talking about: leggings that lose their elasticity, leggings that chafe, leggings that fade, leggings with no pockets!  

Yet, rather than dwell on the negatives, ACAI set about accentuating and implementing change to give women more confidence in their leggings. 

Squat Proof Leggings

Whilst women’s leggings are admired for their stretchiness, sometimes they can stretch a little too much…in places you’d rather they didn’t.  

Outdoorsy women, and those of you with active lifestyles, know that a stretch in the wrong direction, (in a pair of average leggings), may give an onlooker an eyeful of your underwear. Not ideal. 

Worry not, as ACAI’s women’s leggings are tried and tested to be 100% squat proof, giving you maximum manoeuvrability without the big reveal. As our leggings are designed by women for women, we vowed there would be no knickers on show, no matter where you go or how you move. 

Women's Leggings - ACA

We use specialty yarn from Japan which is knitted in a way that gives our fabric a high density to prevent transparency without impacting on the elasticity. Are they the best squat proof leggings around? We think so. 

Colour Proof Leggings

You’ll notice most women’s leggings soon lose their colour at the knees and bum, making them look tired and worn. We didn’t want this for our leggings. 

Why would we introduce a range of lush colour-ways to our women’s leggings only for them to fade away? ACAI goes the extra technical miles to get the best out of their garments. 

There’s a science behind the cationic dyes we choose. Our chosen dye colours firmly attach themselves to the fibres within the fabric, to prevent fading and bleeding. A term known as colour fastness (the resistance of a material to change in any of its colour characteristics). 

Leggings with Pockets

‘Leggings with pockets’ sounds like a reasonable search query doesn’t it? Yet, a lot of women’s leggings remain pocketless. Tucking your phone and house keys under your waistband is ludicrous, but we’ve all done it. And we’ve all learnt never to do it again (hopefully).

Leggings with Zip Pockets

All of our women’s leggings have a secure zipped pocket at the front big enough to fit the essentials whilst out running or hiking. Ultimately, leggings with zip pockets give you peace of mind, knowing your property is safe as you clamber over a mountain top or dash down the street after the dog.

Women's Leggings with Pockets

*Side note: of course, we wouldn’t just stitch a pocket on without any thought; we wanted it to improve the overall aesthetic of our women’s leggings, so we made it a feature by including our ACAI mountain sunrise emblem. It’s all in the details!

Leggings with Phone Pocket

Another reasonable search request. It made sense to us. After all, what use is a pocket if it can’t fit your phone in it? ACAI pockets are spacious and ready to accommodate your iPhone or Android. 

Leggings with Phone Pocket

Quick Dry Leggings

ACAI considers its women’s leggings to have a lifestyle understanding. With the everyday thrills, spills and unpredictable weather catered for with quick-drying and shower resistant features.

Our thermal leggings are not only insulating but moisture wicking and extremely quick-drying in the event of sweating or soaking. They’re designed to better regulate your temperature and keep you adventuring for longer in the colder months. 

ACAI softshell leggings are shower resistant, moisture-wicking and also quick-drying. They’re lightweight and breathable, so you never feel any unwanted moisture no matter where your activities take you. 

High Waisted Leggings

A high waisted women’s legging gets the vote on many fronts. One being their ability to tuck, suck and give a feeling of slenderness. Another is the extra support they offer. 

High Waisted leggings - ACAI

ACAI’s high-waisted leggings have a superior fit (in our opinion). An extended yoke, hugs the waist and the wraparound waistband has adjustable drawcord to assist with snugness.

The extra-thick high waistband is especially welcome when you’re feeling bloated and uncomfortable. It helps to lighten the load a little whilst enhancing your silhouette for a more flattering shape and look. 

Shape Leggings

Although our women’s leggings are ultra lightweight, the fabric is durable and sturdy but full of elasticity. So, if you’re after a little bum lift and waist shrinkage our shape enhancing leggings will adapt to your contours. 

Shape Leggings

We test our leggings on women of all shapes and sizes to see how our material behaves. Our six-point leg shaping technology conforms to each individual allowing for greater flexibility and a better fit. What we’re aiming for is a fabric that gives you confidence and comfort. And we believe that’s what we’ve got. 

Comfy Leggings

It could well be that we are the self-confessed queens of comfort when it comes to women's leggings, but we’ll explain why. 

Comfort isn’t just about a soft-feel material or leggings that fit well. It’s about all of the behind the scene considerations that boost your comfort without you knowing it.  

You may have noticed that our women’s leggings are without buttons or unnecessary zips which only add friction and slow down the undressing process when in need of a wild wee! 

What you may not have noticed is the inner leg seam free policy to prevent chafe or the non-slip waistband to keep your leggings from sliding down. We also employ four-way stretch technology for increased flexibility. You’re welcome. 

Women's Leggings Made with Love

Women's Leggings

Hopefully, from the above, what is evident is the due care and attention ACAI applies to women’s leggings. In fact, a whole lotta love goes into all our outdoor clothing. And we love nothing more than seeing you guys adventuring in the outdoors in your favourite ACAI attire. 

Whilst it may appear that we’ve got all bases covered, we welcome any feedback from the women who invest in our products. We may put performance, style and fit first, but what matters most  are our customers and your reactions to what we do!  

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