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What Makes a Good Lightweight Waterproof Jacket?

by Laura Barlow on Mar 24, 2023

What Makes a Good Lightweight Waterproof Jacket?

This is precisely the question we asked the designers at ACAI. The one thing that was unanimous was that the core fundamentals of a lightweight waterproof jacket should allow you to focus on doing what you love the most. 

We did not want any unnecessary or avoidable distractions when you’re outdoors on your adventures. We knew we had to offer innovation and style without compromising on comfort or performance. 

Women’s Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

With a fiery passion for stylish and functional outdoorwear, equally matched by a love for adventures in the outdoors, ACAI set out to create a women’s lightweight waterproof jacket that would encourage women to embrace their individuality, strength and uniqueness. 

At ACAI, that’s exactly what we do. We create clothes that are designed to make you look and feel great, and above all else, give you the mental and physical confidence to get outdoors, safe in the knowledge that your garments will perform. 

 Women's Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Our Multiway Waterproof Jacket  promises just that. We carefully and thoughtfully considered each and every element of its design, so that it delivered on style, performance and fit. 

We didn’t rush it either. We had several prototypes and encouraged our team to wear-test the jackets and provide honest feedback about their encounters and experiences. The end result is an accumulation of lots of outings in the wind and rain alongside a commitment to create a lightweight waterproof jacket that can be worn in multiple styles for multiple uses.

The Best Lightweight Waterproof Jacket - it’s all in the Details

Despite it being packed full of features, the Multiway Waterproof Jacket is as light as a loaf of bread (800g). So what’s literally lightweight is metaphorically a heavyweight (in terms of its performance). And for such a premium product we like to think we kept the cost lightweight too (£129). 

Close attention was paid to every aspect of this waterproof jacket. We deliberated over every detail from the covered hems and chin guard to the size of the pockets and elasticity of the draw cords! We also researched materials and fabrics that would increase performance at the same time as improving aesthetics. 

Lightweight & Waterproof Materials & Fabrics

Our Multiway Waterproof Jacket is water resistant up to 10,000mm. What that means is that, even though our waterproof jacket is lightweight, it can withstand a heavy amount of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in. 

Waterproof PU Membrane 

For the outer coating, we used a Polyurethane (PU) membrane. The main advantages of using PU waterproofing is its excellent elongation (in that it spreads thinly), plus its high flexibility and durability - just what you need for an outdoor adventure jacket! 

Waterproof PU Membrane - Women's Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

Furthermore, it effectively repels rain whilst remaining breathable. Perfect for energetic outdoor activities when you need to stay dry but require permeability. 

Tricot Fabric Lining

Although our lightweight waterproof jacket was designed to be breathable, we wanted it to provide a layer of warmth too. We used our expertise and knowledge of tricot fabric to insert a lightweight lining capable of trapping heat. Plus, it is softer and more breathable than both polyester and nylon alternatives.

In addition, tricot’s unique weave allows it to be smooth on one side and textured on the other. The brushed (textured) side is where the fabrics fibres stand on end to trap heat particles that leave your body, to create an insulating barrier. Tricot is also good at wicking away sweat, so you stay warm but not suffocate or saturated. Such breathability makes our lightweight waterproof jacket a strong choice for all-weather adventures. 

All Weather Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

All Weather Women's Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

ACAI’s intention is to make the Multiway Waterproof Jacket an everyday wardrobe essential for women who love to be outdoors. We know our lightweight waterproof jacket is capable of performing in all weathers, all year round, because we designed it to do so. 

Lightweight Waterproof Jacket for Summer 

Even in the summer months, an unpredictable downpour can catch you out, so we knew a packable lightweight waterproof jacket would come in handy. The Multiway Waterproof Jacket will fold away into its hood, creating a light, compact and carriable garment to take with you on your adventures. 

The inverted pleat on the rear of the jacket fit is a useful vent for allowing in a gentle breeze if you’re heating up. If you’re still feeling the heat, why not roll back the cuffs up to the elbow and fasten them into place for some extra breathing room? 

Lightweight Waterproof Jacket for Winter

Winter weather comes in hard. We needed a jacket ready to take on the elements and adapt accordingly. 

For wind and water protection we included a deep collar, chin guard and storm flap, as well as taped seams to prevent any unwanted airflow or rain creeping in. Draw cords were added to the hem and the hood, to seal out the winter weather even further. We even made the cuffs adjustable, so that you can secure your gloves nice and snug. 

Winter Waterproof Jacket

Whilst the herringbone fabric and tricot lining are there for assistance with warmth, we purposely gave the Multiway a relaxed fit, so that you can easily pop it over your layers underneath. Layers like our Outdoor Full Zip Fleece

A Lightweight Waterproof Jacket that Looks Good

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style just to stay dry. That’s why we designed this women’s lightweight waterproof jacket to have multiple styles, to suit your individuality. Making it suitable for walking the dog, commuting to work or taking on more challenging expeditions. 

Waterproof Dog Walking Jacket

The lower dipped hem is flattering for your form and the intended relaxed fit adds a sleek aesthetic. Because it’s oversized, the extra space allows for more movement, preventing bunching if you’re wearing a backpack or baby carrier. 

A double way zip allows you to move with ease or add a little flair to your look. While the detachable hood transforms the jacket's appearance entirely, taking you from an outdoor adventurer to a city commuter in seconds. Feel free to use the draw cords to bunch it up at the bottom for a cropped look also. 

Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

So, what makes a good lightweight waterproof jacket? We’d say all of the above. There you have it. A ladies Lightweight Waterproof jacket that allows you to focus on doing what you love doing, how you love doing it, the most. 


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    “Fantastic read! I appreciate the insightful breakdown of what truly makes a lightweight waterproof jacket exceptional. It’s clear that Acai Outdoor Wear values both quality and functionality, ensuring that adventurers like myself can stay protected without compromising on comfort. Looking forward to exploring your collection further!”


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