Women’s Hiking Pants

Womens Hiking Trousers

Our women’s hiking trousers are designed to be durable, flattering, and adaptable to both the elements and your body. A modern outdoorswoman needs flare, style, high performance to power her up mountains and rocky hillsides, come rain or shine! Conquer the outdoors with ladies hiking pants by ACAI, available in skinny fit and relaxed fit. Their shower resistant material makes them ideal for puddles and rainy days. We are inspired by the women who brave the outdoors in all seasons, which is why we designed our industry-leading water resistant hiking trousers to power you through drizzle and dog walks. At once breathable, sweat wicking, and stretchy, even our fitted styles of women’s hiking trousers do not impede on your movement, allowing you to stride and climb and explore. Couple with a women’s base layer or a ladies walking fleece and you’re wrapped up perfectly for the Great British weather.