Womens Outdoor Hoodies & Fleeces

Womens Hoodies & Fleeces

We've crafted this collection specifically for outdoor activities, no matter the season. These pieces seamlessly blend style with functionality, offering thermal protection to keep you warm while remaining breathable to avoid overheating. From hoodies to fleeces and sweatshirts, you'll find a variety of options to add adaptability to your outdoor wardrobe.

Deep blues and burgundies create a versatile colour palette that allows you to mix and match these fleeces and hoodies with ease. Whether you're tackling a challenging hike or enjoying a leisurely weekend dog walk, our outerwear collection will keep you comfortable and stylish.

We don't compromise on performance! Our fleeces and hoodies incorporate technical features like wind-resistant materials, water-resistant fabrics, moisture-wicking linings, and innovative seamless stretch fabrics. This allows you to focus on maximising your outdoor experience while looking your best.

Popular options include gilets and windproof base layers, designed to offer warmth and a flattering fit. The windproof fleece, with its extended neck design, guarantees exceptional comfort in low temperatures, making it ideal for chilly mornings or evenings spent by the fire. Layer these pieces under a women's hiking jacket for a complete outfit that's ready for any adventure.