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Walking into Autumn with ACAI

by Joel Peart on Sep 14, 2022

Walking into Autumn with ACAI

If you’re clinging on to the last shreds of summer sun and putting off outdoor adventures until that first leaf has fallen and it’s officially autumn, let it be known that the Autumn Equinox (beginning of Autumn) is officially on the 23rd September!

Admittedly, summer walks can be a bit stifling and somewhat energy sapping, so we can completely understand the appeal of autumn walks. Particularly when it comes to the utterly sumptuous colour combinations…and autumn walking outfits of course.

What’s So Good About Walking in Autumn?

Besides the acquisition of splendid new walking clothes, autumn is a sensational season to be out walking and exploring the outdoors.

Waking in Autumn with ACAI

On top of the cascade of incredible colours and the unmistakable crunch of leaves beneath your feet, there’s plenty of other reasons as to why autumn is arguably the most stimulating season.

  • Autumn Animals: If you’re weaving your way through the woodlands, make sure you tread carefully and quietly (if you can) and keep an eye out for autumnal animals and wildlife in the form of Barn Owls, Foxes, Dormice, Foxes, Squirrels, Deers, Hedgehogs and Badgers.
  • Autumn Fungi: Fungi are fundamental to our planet and the varieties in which they spawn are vast. Wild mushrooms are truly fascinating but we’d encourage you not to touch any unless you’re an expert.
  • Autumn Leaves: Leaves are the livelihood of trees. Once fallen, they become the formidable floor of the forest. Separated by size, colour and source, they’re great for collecting, comparing and contrasting. 
  • Autumn Seeds & Fruit: As seeds ripen and fruits flourish, autumn can be great for foraging. Keep an eye out for birds and rodents who have become responsible for regrowth by spreading the likes of hazelnuts and acorns across the forest.

If you have offspring, take them walking with you, as autumn is a source of free entertainment. Quizzes, treasure hunts and eye-spy spotting games are all good fun on an autumnal ramble.

Autumn Walks

Autumn walks with ACAI

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with recycling a well-known walk you’re familiar with and admiring it in all its autumnal glory, we’d advise an autumn forest walk if possible. Forestry England have kindly done the leg-work here and devised a list of 10 Mindful Walks to Enjoy this Autumn.

If there’s nothing on the list near to you, try searching for ‘autumn walks near me’, alternatively, check out the National Trust’s highlights where they’ve outlined lots of regional,  autumnal walks.

Exploring on foot is a great way to experience autumn. That’s why we’re championing autumn walks. Shorter days bring mesmerising sunsets and a reduction in temperature means wrapping up warm - and that’s where we come in.

Walking Clothes

For too long, women’s walking clothes had been absent of style and failed to meet the expectations of both fashionistas and adventurers alike. ACAI began making inroads to put a stop to that. They believed that walking clothes should be accessible to everyone and adaptive to the female form, as well as functional to the outdoors.

A magical combination of performance fit with a high fashion influence delicately embedded into each and every garment, resulted in walking clothes capable of giving women the confidence to begin their outdoor journeys.

Autumn Walk Outfit

Autumnal outdoor adventurers, ACAI are here for you. By the time we’re done, we want you to hear the crunch and crackle of leaves beneath your feet as a sound of appreciation from the autumn walking outfit catwalk.

The Boyfriend Hoodie

Made with wool for warmth and equipped with shower resistant properties, this hoodie is the ideal autumn walking top for women.

The Boyfriend Hoodie


Thermal Seamless Base Layer Top

An under-layer that is soft, warm and versatile. A base layer that looks so good, it’d be a shame to keep it under wraps!

Thermal Seamless Base Layer Top

Outdoor Softshell Leggings

An all-season alternative to skinny outdoor trousers that are breathable, snag-proof and have four-way stretch flexibility.

Outdoor Softshell Leggings

Bamboo Hiking Sock

Don’t forget about the feet! Comfort and warmth are key to any autumn walk. Get yourself a pair of lightweight cushioned clouds for the underfoot.

Bamboo Hiking Sock


Autumn Walk Appreciation

Everything about autumn excites us. From the changing environment and new beginnings to awesome autumn colours and adaptable walking clothes.

Here at ACAI we implore you to use this season as an excuse to get walking. Not only is it an opportunity to showcase your new autumn walking outfit but it’s a chance to recharge and restore your soul with all the magic this stunning season has to offer. We believe style shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying mother nature’s playground.

As long as you guys continue to commit to and focus on what you love doing the most, we promise to remain innovative (without compromising on style or comfort), and continue to develop walking clothes fit for any adventure.

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